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In the European Union it is now illegal to grow your own food

For as long as Europe has existed the family plot or garden provided sufficient food to feed even large families. The domestic garden gives a household almost total independence from reliance.

In the 1950s and our family of seven lived in a cottage with a typical garden. Bodowen was heated by locally cut firewood. Our family was well fed from our small garden’s fruit and vegetable harvest. For meat, the local gamekeeper provided much for our table. You name it and we grew it; root vegetables like potatoes, cabbages, peas, lettuce and an abundance of fruit.

It was no big deal, most people did likewise and even our village school had its own food gardens too. In fact, this is the way it still is in large parts of Europe from the Baltic States to Hungary, Ukraine and back to Portugal.

We all bought growing seeds, fertilizer and plant protection tools and solutions from shops. Or, those who live in apartments were semi-dependent upon neighbours who have gardens. Many had allotments in which were grown enough to feed several families. Listen up: These life-sustaining essentials have all been banned and removed from sale in stores throughout the European Union.

It is now illegal for you to use independent means to feed yourself and your families. You can no longer purchase seeds, garden implements and fertilizer in much of Europe. Any store that allows you to purchase these goods is acting illegally and can be shut down. Critically, the government edict has been imposed at the beginning of the crucial seed-planting season.

Typically, the supermarket group Maxima has taped off these essential products or removed these and similar goods. Maxima have 1,200 stores scattered throughout the Baltic States, Bulgaria, and Poland. Maxima employ more than 40,000 and provide for 1.3 million customers. It is valued at €3,451 billion.

But, of course, the decision to remove the right to garden self-sufficiency will be a decision made by the government; not individual retailers.

In the pre-war Soviet Union, famine was used to radically reduce populations through starvation. For instance, in 1927, 1932/33 and 1947 state denial of independent self-sufficiency resulted in about 20 million dead.

In a conversation with wartime premier Winston Churchill, Soviet despot Josef Stalin conceded that 10 million Ukrainians had died during the 1927 state-induced famine.

Grain confiscation in Novokrasne (Arbuzynka Raion, now Mykolaiv Oblast), October 1932. Source: 

During this terrible period, armed Bolsheviks fell upon town and village communities and forcibly removed the people’s grain and their livestock. Before the Bolshevik seizure of Imperial Russia, Ukraine, the largest nation in Europe, was dubbed ‘Europe’s food basket’.

If you live in the European Union, be afraid, be very afraid. If you live elsewhere then see where this is all going as globalism tightens its grip on the throats of nations. ~ Michael Walsh

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  1. By what law is this illegal in Europe? It’s not stated in the article. I know there are issues with this developing in the USA but I have never heard of the EU going this far.


    • If you read and understand the content and also the photographs, which were taken by me today, it is obvious that no store would unilaterally ban children’s toys, Christmas decorations over Christmas ~ or ban or remove from sales plant seeds, garden tools and fertilizers ~ without Government sanction. I sometimes suspect our greatest adversary is ~ denial.

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  2. Mike, you are correct about the ‘denial’ part. I often think about Churchill when I speak to educated people. You know, the part about “the best argument against democracy”. I cannot believe how stubbornly they will cling to bullshit.

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  3. I love your superbe articles Mike, but this one really intrigued me.
    A law voted in the French parliament on 11 June 2020 goes completely against what you write in your article concerning Europe banning the sale of seeds as a whole or is it just that the French always like go against the grain (pun!)? I’m not questioning the fact that the Group Maxima has put a stop to selling such products I have not taken the time to call them to check this out yet but will do so. In fact the 11 June 2020 Law allows those living in France to go to the local farmer to buy seeds directly, which was previously illegal, in order not to circumvent the independent suppliers, not to mention the hundreds of supermarkets and hypermarket garden centres selling seeds of all types;

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    • Great news… there is indeed anarchy but I don’t like the way this is going….. the globalists have seized the initiative and are reluctant to release their grip. I can’t believe that Maxima would act unilaterally as this would benefit only their rivals. Maybe it is an edict peculiar to Latvia but thin edge of the wedge comes to mind.

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      • Thanks so much for your reply Mike and taking the time to do so, as I know you are really busy on other research projects. Do you happen to have any supporting evidence that Latvia is forbidding the sale of seeds to the general public in line with a European Law that forbids sales…..there must be a reference somewhere. I work on behalf of the Welsh Government and have completed a 67 page report on the market including garden centres in France and nowhere is there any mention of such a law or project to forbid sales of seeds via the general hypermarket/supermarket chains in France nor for any garden centres. As I wrote, the contrary appears to be the case with a total liberalisation to allow anyone to buy seeds from producers of any sort except from person individuals for traceability health reasons. i do not want to put you in a hot spot by contacting MAXIMA and asking them directly what the situation is and why they blocked off the sale of seeds from their stores as you say showing photos taken in those stores, and finding out that it is a false flag.

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      • As you surmise, I don’t have the time to investigate further. The photos are common knowledge and were taken by my wife and others ~ before these products, and others were put away out of sight and sale. Common sense tells us all that no store is going to remove from sale any profitable product unless others, for whatever reason, health or liability, for instance, do the same. Thus, this action can only be by government edict. Good luck with your search and let us know the outcome. Mike

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  4. I live in France
    Not true, the pictures are from the restrictions on non-essential products in stores. Nothing needed to grow your own food is banned in Europe and no law banning it exist


    • Sorry, you are wrong. Whilst in my company my wife during a visit to MAXIMA supermarkets in Latvia (MAXIMA are big in Europe) my wife took pictures of food growing seeds curtained off. In the same stores, children’s toys were banned….. for what purpose? This is evil, stop excusing evil.


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