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The Endless War of Deniers and Truthers

EUROPE RENAISSANCE NEWSDESK stories censored by mainstream media. Your donations keep the truth published. PLEASE HELP US. It is easier than you think. Details contact Michael Walsh

The popular Michael Walsh Radio Show hosted by the veteran broadcaster Andrew Carrington-Hitchcock, himself a successful author was aired Friday, December 17 and is already receiving debate and response.

A show with a difference, Michael Walsh, an activist for truth and Justice for Whites since 1968 tells of how the Truth Denying Reds of Silicone Valley and the Amazon occupiers of Red Seattle are so afraid of the truth, independent opinion and analysis that their last resort is Cancel Culture.

In the same week, YouTube took off the air international broadcaster Russia Today (Germany). The Cancel Culture Cult is running scared chased by the truth through the Gates of Hell. As Julian Assange says, ‘What does censorship mean? It means fear.’

In the hours following Amazon de-platforming the entire collection of Michael Walsh Publishing House, the online retailer went down, compromised its account holders bank accounts, lost billions on its ridiculed Alexa Internet and dumped it.

PROBLEM The inactive don’t help the active. Our last donations were December 1 and November 22

The final humiliation for Amazon: tornadoes ripped to shreds an Amazon distribution centre in the United States. This unfortunately resulted in multiple casualties. Amazon is still reeling from the worldwide negative publicity of literally imprisoning its employees in the doomed distribution centre. The Truth Thieves have yet to contest God and justice is putting ~ the fear of God in them. Amen.

In the meantime, we invite advice as we search for alternative book publishers and sellers conventional or online. We also can offer for payment PDF versions of the Amazon censored books. The only reason the left win is because the Left is mature enough to unite and be mutually supportive.

Please find the link to the post for our show below:

Click Here To Listen To The Show


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