Family & Parenting

We are a Generation that will never Return


A generation that walked to school and came back alone

A generation that did their homework to go out and play in the street as soon as possible.

A generation that spent all their free time on the streets.

A generation that played hide and seek when it got dark.

A generation that made cakes and castles out of the mud, fought with catapults and water pistols and owned an air rifle.

A generation that made paper toys and cardboard with empty hands.

A generation that has never been ‘tired’ or ‘bored’, we had at our disposal The Children’s Palace, where we could spend days in the night, for free, practising all sports, dances, etc.

A generation that collected photos and albums with decoupages.

A generation raised by parents, not grandparents or nannies.

A generation that didn’t laugh shortly before going to bed so that parents don’t know that we are still awake.

A generation of children that read books incomprehensible to many adults today; books that today are banned as ‘hate’. We read our books in bed under a makeshift tent in the torchlight.

A generation that was taught to love their country and respect even admire its history.

A generation that gave up its bus seat to the aged, helped the age to cross the road and helped the aged with their bags without thought for payment.

A generation who respected age, that learned from the aged and never thought of the aged as worthless or invisible.

A generation that passed and unfortunately will never come back.

A generation for which feelings matter, not money or cars

A generation that was free and took it for granted

A generation that grew up with the key to their home in the pocket.

A generation that knew how to grow their own food

A generation that could skin rabbits, pluck chickens and cook

A generation that could turn a garden into a farm or orchard

A generation that learned to manage at all times and in any conditions through its own strength.

A generation that can no longer be manipulated

Just a reminder as it seems a few people have forgotten.

1) You are born with an immune system

2) Nature helps enhance it.

3) Pharmaceuticals do the opposite.

We are in a psychological war right now where there is constant information being blasted into you that goes against everything your heart and soul knows to be true. If your kids grow up like the top picture, they will live abundant and fruitful lives full of many incredible memories of laughter and joy.

PROBLEM The inactive don’t help the active. Our last donations were December 1 and November 22

If your kids grow up like the bottom photo. They will die young, have an immense amount of trauma and pain in their life as they will never know what true love, friendship and joy is. They will never get to experience freedom and because their souls came here to know freedom denied they will leave this earthly plane sooner rather than later to go and experience what they deserve. ~ Michael Walsh

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