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Vaccinators to Face Justice in British Courts

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BREAKING NEWS: Today Monday the 20th of December, Dr Sam White, Solicitor Lois Bayliss, retired police constable Mark Sexton and myself, Solicitor, Philip Hyland PJH Law attended Charing Cross Police station and then Hammersmith Police Station in London.

A criminal complaint has been made and accepted by The Metropolitan Police, significant and irrefutable evidence has been verbalised and presented. As a result of this, a crime reference number has been issued for Misconduct in Public Office.

At this moment in time, we have been asked not to disclose the crime reference number until a designated officer and department have been allocated to deal.

Of paramount importance and as a matter of public safety we as a collective have demanded the vaccine rollout be stopped immediately and suggested an address to the nation be made by The Metropolitan Police to advise accordingly.

A number of government departments and in particular individuals in public office and government have been named as offenders and we have it all in terms of supporting evidence.

We spent six hours with the police who were excellent especially at Hammersmith Police station. The whole six hours was recorded but this recording will not be released to avoid prejudicing the investigation.

As soon as an update is available it will be made public. Please bear in mind this is now a live criminal investigation and we have to wait for further contact from the Metropolitan Police.

Since 1st December one £10 donation for running costs. Likely to cease publication January

We made it clear and it was accepted by the police that all Doctors, nurses and care workers are being blackmailed to take the vaccine or lose their jobs. We thank you for your support and ask for your patience in the meantime.

Donate: It is the generosity of our supporters and members that makes our vital work possible. As the storm clouds of crisis and the pain of injustice and persecution loom over our people, the potential and importance of our work grows day-by-day. There is no George Soros figure out there for nationalists, so we can only do what good people like you help us to do. Thank you for your faith and your generous commitment: contact Michael Walsh

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