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In Globalist France the Enemy of the State are the People of France

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A French flag in the hands of a Frenchman on the Champs-Élysées is now regarded as objet ostentatoire (defiant object). The fine is €135 euros. On Saturday, hundreds of people were fined, including a 70-year-old grandmother who had her flag snatched, crumpled up and thrown away, while her documents were demanded. All this without mentioning the introduction of armoured personnel carriers, the beating of citizens and the heavy use of tear gas.

A member of the Police Syndicate, Policemen in Anger, commented (IN FRENCH today’s Berkoff on Sud Radio): ‘This is an order from Prefect Lalleman.

He did not introduce armoured vehicles when Algerian fans with Algerian flags rampaged on the Champs-Elysées smashing shop windows, cars etc, and indeed, we never use such forces against Arab youths. Even when they (illegals) attack police officers. Violent actions with truncheons, gas and rubber bullets are used only against peaceful French people, and never against riots in Islamic neighbourhoods.

The police officer went on to inform us that there are two types of traumatic weapons with rubber bullets. The more dangerous and the less so. When policemen are called in to calm riots in Arab suburbs, they are armed with less dangerous weapons. And they use them because the inhabitants of those neighbourhoods have real military weapons.

But against the unarmed Yellow Vests they were ordered to use more dangerous weapons, which, when aimed at the chest, hit 40 cm higher, i.e., in the face. That is why there were many French citizens who had their eyes blown out. Including women and girls.

A Commentator writes: I’m a reasonable person, I think that being a policeman is complicated, that the hierarchy is heavy, I swear, I hear it but what I saw Saturday is just not bearable anymore.

As a cop, you either support everything that happens and you don’t change anything or you don’t support it and you take your responsibilities (like some firemen, nurses, etc.). You stop. You change lanes! You work strictly to rule.


So yes, it’s true that if you’re alone, you’ll look like an idiot, but I dare to hope that not all cops are brainless assholes who enjoy breaking legs or bludgeoning a guy to death. Oppose together the people will follow you, we’ve been waiting for this for two years actually! I can’t stand the ‘Yeah but we were only following orders. We are not bad guys. Why doesn’t anyone like us?

I’m a peaceful person I’m from Bordeaux. I assure you that what I saw on Saturday made me hate myself. After two years of being called all kinds of names, I no longer have any empathy for these people police, state operatives) who accept orders without batting an eye. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to do that again.

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  1. Next month they’ll vote for the same people. France and England were the two foremost warmongers in 1939. They will forever be stupid enough to destroy themselves. The sooner the better.

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  2. Notice in America, Western Europe, UK, New Zealand and Australia, the police use heavy handed tactics against non-liberal, patriots and white nationalists, yet NEVER against the Islamists and other nonwhties?

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