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Russian experts disclose that the United States was creating bioagents that affect certain ethnic groups

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Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces (RCBZ) of the Russian Armed Forces, said that probably one of the tasks of the United States and its allies is the creation of bioagents that can selectively affect various ethnic groups of the population.

Kirillov said that a large amount of blood serum from residents of various Ukrainian regions belonging to the Slavic ethnic group was transferred from Ukraine abroad.


‘With a high degree of probability, we can say that one of the tasks of the United States and its allies is the creation of bioagents capable of selectively affecting various ethnic groups of the population,’ he said during a briefing.

Kirillov also spoke about the R-781 project, where, according to him, bats are considered as carriers of potential agents of biological weapons. In addition, he  stated that the United States had already evacuated most of the documentation from laboratories in Ukraine. Source and Video

4 min. video on propaganda that most of the public believes even though it’s all lies.

Special Report From the Front Line in Ukraine – American living in Dobamas few years – news from first hand – YouTube

Alex Newman and Brannon Discuss the Highly Orchestrated Events Between Russia and Ukraine and the World Economic Forum VIDEO

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