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Europeans Pray for Le Pen’s First Round Victory on Sunday

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STOP PRESS 2400 April 10: Marine le Pen, the leader of the National Union party, according to preliminary data, is gaining 27.53% of the vote. Incumbent President Emmanuel Macron has 26.67%.

Opinion polls point to the far-right’s Marine Le Pen as the main challenger to President Emmanuel Macron’s re-election, in a repeat of the 2017 match. Le Pen has shifted her campaign focus to purchasing power, the number one priority for French voters, without shedding far-right policies from her election programme. read more. Here are her main policy proposals:


* No income tax for those aged under 30

* VAT on energy at 5.5% from the current 20%. VAT at 0% for essential products such as pasta and diapers as long as inflation is one point higher than growth.

* No employer contributions on pay rises of up to 10%

* Early retirement at 60 for those who have worked 40 years. Increase low pensions

* Scrap inheritance tax for middle- and low-income families. No tax on donations of up to 100,000 euros per child or grandchild every ten years


* Only French citizens will have access to welfare benefits

* French nationals will be given preference in access to social housing and to jobs

* Stop family reunification

* Systematically deport undocumented migrants, foreigners convicted of crimes

* Withdraw residency for migrants that are out of work for more than a year

* Remove birthright citizenship

* Asylum requests to be processed outside of France


* Re-establish mandatory sentencing and remove the possibility of reduced sentences

* Establish presumption of legitimate defence for security forces


* Strip French citizenship for people with extreme Islamist views

* Close mosques and Islamic associations that contradict French constitutional values

* Ban the hijab and religious symbols in all public spaces and for parents on school trips


* Withdraw France from NATO’s military command structures

* For the French constitution to prevail over international law

* Create a ‘European Alliance of Nations’ intended to progressively replace the European Union

* End Franco-German cooperation agreements established since 2017


* Stop wind turbine projects and dismantle existing ones

* Leave the European electricity market

* Invest in nuclear energy


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  1. Didn’t she say this guy, Eric Zemmour, was too extreme or impractical as he wanted to deport 1 million non-Europeans/nonwhites a year? I don’t know the French–as well as Western Europe–keeps relecting these leftists and open-borders politicians instead of those who are nationalistic?


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