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Britons are fast being replaced by Mohammed and other non-Europeans

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Newly released data on live births in the United Kingdom point to rapidly changing demographic trends in the country, with nearly 3 in 10 births in the U.K. to women who were not born in the U.K. The data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that last year 179,726, or 28.8 per cent of births were to foreign-born women. Meanwhile, 445,055 babies last year were to U.K.-born women.

The most common country of origin for non-U.K.-born mothers was Romania, while for non-U.K.-born fathers, Pakistan remained top of the list.

Bear in mind these statistics refer only to FOREIGN BORN parents. It does not include previous generations of non-Europeans born in Britain. Consequently, Britons are already outnumbered in their own country. Important to note too that Romanian and Albanian migrants were only transit countries for the Third World’s benefit bandits. In these countries, they acquired Romanian or Albanian citizenship and moved on to Britain.

Campaign group, Migration Watch UK, said on Wednesday that this was ‘clear evidence that the immigration system is being exploited,’ in the U.K.

The data is in line with trends already seen in previous years, with babies born to foreign women accounting for nearly a third of births for years now.

However, the lion’s share of population growth in the United Kingdom has stemmed primarily from mass migration. Since 2002, the U.K.’s population has grown by 8 million, with 80 per cent of that figure related to immigration. The ONS indicates that as of 2020, 14.3 per cent of the U.K.’s 66.3 million people were foreigners, with 6 million of them believed to be from non-EU countries.

The massive influx of people to the small overcrowded impoverished island over the last two decades has put a serious strain on public services, led to an erosion of green space, fuelled higher rents and housing prices, and placed serious strains on the country’s fragile healthcare system.

ONS data also showed there were more babies born out of wedlock in England and Wales in 2021 than to married parents for the first time since records began in 1845. In total, 624,828 live births were registered in England and Wales last year, according to data provided by the Office for National Statistics. Of these, 320,713 births, or 51.3 per cent were to women who were unmarried at the time of delivery, compared to 304,115 produced by women who were married or in a civil partnership. THANKS TO A DONATION FROM MICHAEL IN NORTH CAROLINA YOU ARE ABLE TO READ THIS STORY

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