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People Power is Stronger than the Ballot Box

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Mícheál Walsh: George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) surmised, ‘every five years the people are given democracy. They then go to their ballot boxes and surrender democracy.’

There is a workable alternative to fake democracy. You are free to exercise real democracy every day of the year. You have democracy when you decide where you shop. You exercise your God-given right of being a free individual when you and not politically correct fashion leads you to leisure and pleasure.

Marketing departments of vast corporations create changing fashion. Like the donkey following the carrot on the stick you slavishly follow fashion buying their latest fashion goods to appear to be socially acceptable. Sheep or lambs to the slaughter?

Our parents and certainly our grandparents didn’t have supermarkets because they had no need for them. They grew or husbanded their own food. In doing so they produced more than they needed. The surplus was shared with the local community.

Supermarkets destroyed self-sufficiency and the well-earned satisfaction of you and your family knowing YOU put your food on the table. We are now so dependent upon these superstores that a New Zealand MP asked, ‘what do we need farmers for; we have supermarkets.’ My 35-year-old friend had no idea where sprouts came from!

Another corporate threat that swooped in under the radar was ‘convenient’ online shopping. This was the arrival of mega-corporations of which Amazon is typical.

The online shopping giant turned traditional local shopping communities into wastelands of ‘Shop to Let’ signs. Locally owned bookstores and white goods stores, appliance repairers, shoemakers and cobblers, butchers and clothing stores evaporated. Their works were made redundant and instead of being contributors to the local community, they became dependent on benefits ~ which you pay.  

Amazon alone sucked $1.29 trillion in PROFITS out of local communities. The online retailer’s turnover is bigger than the economies of many countries. Jeff Bezos blew it ~ literally when his latest toy Blue Origin rocket exploded before it left its launch pad. Did you and your family help to pay for the ashes of his failed rocket and your community?

Online shopping destroys not only local businesses but deprives us of the social engagement we enjoy when we banter with our local shop’s staff and other shoppers.

Online shopping takes away the pleasure of knowing that you helped the local butcher, greengrocer, cobbler and clothes retailer, and their families who go to school with your kids. It keeps money and jobs plus the community spirit in your community.

Imagine ~ as do the corporation number crunchers ~ a world in which everyone sits at home at their laptops browsing and ordering goods from vast faceless corporations and banking houses whose one purpose in their miserable existence is to feed the unsatiable appetites of anonymous shareholders.

When you shop online you deprive a local family of their independence and their means of survival. These are locals with whom you identify and will likely return the money you spent to local businesses. You put your money in alien-owned enterprises.

Exercise Daily Decision Democracy by taking personal responsibility for your buying decisions. Shop locally and whatever your proud ethnicity never give what is left of your taxed earnings to faceless corporations and businesses that promote their goods with race-mixing advertisements.

Finally, you have democracy and freedom of choice when you decide whether to share this story with others. Those who do so will plant seeds of recovery for their communities and their people. There you have it; democracy for you to use every minute of your lives.  At the end of each day what you spent is not as importance as where you spent it. ~ Mícheál Walsh.



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