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Many Europeans now Miss the Soviet Bloc

Disturbingly, those who lived in the Soviet Bloc from the 1970s to the collapse of the USSR in 1990 are increasingly nostalgic about their life in the former Soviet Bloc. They make comparisons and life in the European Union is considered by more former citizens as being preferential to the widespread corruption through the European Union.

For many, there is a wistful sense of nostalgia for their former lives when compared to the drudgery and repressive life today in the woefully corrupt and mismanaged European Union. The following is written from the heart by a citizen of the Baltic States. However, the sentiments expressed are likely mirrored by many former citizens of the former Soviet Bloc.

‘Basically, I understand that I should sing a glory song in my European Union country. I would really like to do this with great pleasure because I love this country, I have lived here forever. This is where I was born, here are my three children who live here, work, and I and others add to the country’s cash register.

Here I have learned and taught others. I worked as an employee and as an employer. I have paid taxes and taught others how to do so, I have also tried to start in them.  I have competed in and completed in sports projects represented the country in international competitions both as an athlete and national team manager. I couldn’t say I feel something to the state, something didn’t do it somehow didn’t live like that.

Yet, I am where I was 30 years ago when this country was founded (The Baltic States left the Soviet Bloc in 1990). My country is led by people who waste and steal. My country is led by people to whom laws do not apply.  

The country is led by incompetent ministers who do not distinguish democracy from totalitarianism (or more precisely, they do not want to do so. The country is led by politicians who can and will limit freedom of speech with the Ministry of Truth and other politics.

To be even sadder, this Ministry of Truth receives a prize for an important action in promoting freedom of expression, censorship and supporting discrimination groups. However, all know that they are constantly arguing and trying to close the mouths of anyone who expresses or opposes the existing order. How does this differ from the USSR?

My nation is led by people who can borrow from Europe €4 billion and spend this amount in less than a month without supporting those people and industries to whom this money was granted. They act like its group personal funds but the taxpayers will be milked to repay it. This is money laundering legitimised within the European Union.

The state may not overlook its capital society and sponsored industries, such as road infrastructure, and again will announce that you will pay your national debt which is not the responsibility of those in power who first pocketed the Brussels loans.

There is no problem that those who make such a statement are the same as those convicted of pocketing funds caused by what was described as ‘incompetent bank management’.

However, that same person is sitting in the State Budget Commission. A few months ago the Minister of Finance received a medal ‘for an important personal contribution to the development of the financial system of the Republic.’

None of those who steal, who repress, violate human rights and deny moral codes are held to account. Everybody knows what is happening but nothing changes. No one should mind, no one should protest because we don’t, in fact, live in a free country.

When everyone during a crisis is reduced or denied salary or expenses, there is only one group that changes nothing. The political caste and the apparatchiks, the oligarchs retain their jobs, their salaries, bonuses and their privileges. The Press is in their pay. Those who own and control media are complicit in massive state fraud.

My heart hurts for my nation and for its citizens who have no desire to steal, who wish only to live and be honest, to work in their positions, contribute meaningfully to their nation, earn money and life.

For those who created families who believed, hoped and wanted to live here happily ever after. And for those who kept the dream of our beautiful and happy nation in their hearts. This dream is lost to me because it must have been just a dream; it is time to wake up.

I do not believe these people who lead my nation because they do not lead as leaders should. I am very sad because such greed, cruelty and indifference dull the eyes of these corrupt people.

For the corrupt are in truth the real unfortunates. For them and their families’ real contentment, happiness, state peace is impossible. The best of the human condition is denied to them because all good words relate to the term LOVE. This would mean love for the country, for its people and our nation’s future.

I was one of those young people who brought the flag to the Freedom Monument in June 1988.  Those were the young idealist people who had this dream of a free nation. They were unafraid of the Soviet Red Army and their state Police. That’s why I know about and can compare these times with the European Nation that is now my country.

I would say thank you for reading my thoughts. But, these thoughts will soon be read by the mainstream media’s ‘content guards’ and removed (they were). Later, the censors will likely receive a prize for significant performance in promoting freedom of speech.’

Life in the Soviet Bloc

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  1. I may be wrong about this, but, the common market made so much sense. But, the E.U. has become a Frankenstein’s Monster destroying any semblance of national pride. Thank God for Hungary and Poland today. They seem to be the only European countries that have got things right. I truly hope I am wrong, but, France and Germany are lost. Britain has been lost for some time now.

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  2. The Western encroachment on Russia’s territory can only end badly for everyone concerned. The Hubris of the NATO leaders is only matched by their utter stupidity. And, these idiots will get more than they bargained for if they decide to tangle with Putin’s Russia.

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