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Heartfelt Tributes to my Candour make everything Worth It

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So far and still arriving comments and tributes to my self-appraisal penned in an earlier story, How I achieved Great Riches Denied to Multi-Millionaires. Thank you to each and every one of you, who always support me including Monika Schaefer in Canada and dissident David in Melbourne.

Ana, of Croatian blood and lineage, lives in New York. Perhaps exists is a more appropriate term and would be in harmony with the sense of loss experienced by most Americans:

‘Dear Michael, I’m writing to say hello and let you know that I’ve been thinking of you. It’s been too long. After reading your last post describing your life, I felt an urge to write.

‘Life has been very difficult and challenging lately.  I’m currently on personal leave from work, exhausting my sick days. I refuse to get the (genocide-jab) jab so I’m not sure if I will have my job back mid-January when my days run out. My sister Marija is a nurse and her vital employment was terminated from her hospital job because she refused the jab as well.

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I’m trying to sort out my finances in order to survive and I’ve done pretty well. I consolidated my home and auto insurance and managed to get a significant reduction. I’m refinancing my home loan to reduce monthly payments as well as interest rates. I’m aware that I may end up paying more in the end if I continue on the payment schedule but I hope my situation improves in order for me to make prepayments so that I avoid paying all that extra in the end.

‘We are trapped in this Jewish controlled money slavery system and I want ‘OUT’. I’m planning to put all my time and effort into this desire I have. I want to pay off my home and work less, live more.  I have eight butterflies in their cocoons in a net cage that I’m caring for, waiting for spring to break out and fly away into a free world of exploration and light. I want to be that butterfly. 

‘I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet Michael. I’ve been fighting a war, as all of us who refuse this kill shot is. No one except my brother’s daughter has received the jab. I stopped my brother who had an appointment from doing it.

‘I still cry for my mom, especially in times of such hardship with all this evil around us, we are in a war Michael, with no planes or bombs. The needle is the weapon. Sometimes I say ‘Mama you were saved by our Lord Christ. He took you just in time to spare you this horror.’ How I still wish I had her next to me, to look into her beautiful blue pearl shaped eyes and draw strength and hope from.

‘Michael, you inspire and warm my heart. I must send you a Christmas gift, I will do it Monday via transfer wise.  Funny, I had a dream of mom last night that I hugged her and I was at her front door. She could not let me in for some reason. Perhaps we stood together, me on one side of a realm and her on another and I was not ready to cross over, I wonder sometimes if I really did meet her. Could dreaming be more than we know?

‘I have tried to discourage many to refuse the shot, I’ve failed many times, come close a few times to encourage them to refuse it. My husband thinks I’m wasting my time. I said ‘even if I succeed in saving one life out of 10,000, I will have still achieved something good. It was worth it. It.

‘I said they will have to come after me and hold me down with an army of men for me to succumb to the kill shot. I will die fighting. I will not die on my knees.

‘I love you, Michael, I have all of your poems, your emails that you’ve written to me over the years, and I will forever treasure you and your friendship. I wish I could meet you or speak to you one day. Ana.

How I Achieved Great Riches denied to multi-Millionaires

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