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Trudeau’s Favourite Bank braces for Karma

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Lawyer Keith Wilson, who is the lead attorney for the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy, confirms that he is taking action against TD Bank. An alarming report shows the Toronto-Dominion Bank seemingly caved to left-wing political pressure by allegedly freezing two personal bank accounts that support the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

One of the accounts included a staggering $1.1 million. Wilson says Toronto-Dominion has been put ‘on notice that their actions are improper and disappointing.’

A spokesperson for the bank conceded they froze the accounts in a statement to Reuters. Toronto-Dominion Bank is reportedly the second-largest and most important in Canada. In response, truckers have promised that they will fight to the bitter end.

Wilson also slammed Justin Trudeau, the Canadian prime minister, after attempts to characterize protesters as ‘fringe extremists, racists, and Nazis.’

‘It’s troubling that the prime minister of our country is now characterizing hardworking Canadians who during COVID delivered food and critical supplies and put themselves at risk to whatever risk it posed,’ Wilson said. ‘And now suddenly for political opportunism, he’s characterizing these hardworking truckers who are trying to protect their charter rights, who are trying to ensure that they’re not discriminated against and have freedom of choice as somehow being a fringe element.’

‘I think Canadians took offense to it. And as you’ve seen across our country, this was a spontaneous event. This was not organized. These events that are occurring at various borders are not coordinated by any operation center,’ Wilson said. ‘This is Canadians saying we’ve had enough, government overreach has gone too far, and we need our fundamental rights back. And it needs to stop now.’

The truckers’ protest is heavily politicized because they are pushing back against forced vaccinations and other overly restrictive coronavirus-related policies. If they refuse to take the drug, working-class Canadians risk losing their employment and means of living. Making matters worse, some Canadian politicians are threatening to ban their ability to operate a motor vehicle altogether.

CNN analyst and Harvard professor Juliette Kayyem agreed with this sick plan by arguing truckers should be blacklisted from working or even operating a motor vehicle ever again.

The move, according to the statement, came after Toronto-Dominion applied to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice this week about taking funds sent through bank transfers and GoFundMe and giving them to the intended recipients or returning them to the donors ‘who have requested refunds but whose entitlement to a refund cannot be determined by Toronto-Dominion.’

The outlet reported that one bank account received C$1 million through GoFundMe and the rest was sent to a second account through a variety of bank transfers. The spokesperson claims Toronto-Dominion is unsure of where the GoFundMe payment originated.

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GoFundMe faced immense criticism earlier this month after the company decided to pause the fundraising page for the convoy after it surpassed $10 million.

The Convoy claimed that its initial protest of 1,600 trucks swelled to 36,000 over the first week, though the pro-regime Washington Post ludicrously places the number closer to 8,000. The cause has drawn international attention and support, with a U.S. trucker protest possibly starting this weekend in Los Angeles around the Super Bowl, the Department of Homeland Security announced. Source

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