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Not good news about corporate mainstream media

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If you have ever wondered why newspapers, your radio and television broadcasters never shut up scaremongering about Covid-19 you simply have to follow the dots or in this case, the pounds, dollars or euros.

Corporate mainstream media benefit from £322 million of taxpayers’ money from government C0VID advertising up until March 2022. The UK Government is now the biggest spending advertiser in the United Kingdom. The UK Government has gone from being ranked 19th in 2019 to 1st in 2021 in terms of media advertising spending levels.

In Australia and elsewhere the government also hands out tax breaks. The government also threatens to impose various conditions on media licences or revoke them altogether. Press barons are painfully aware that opposition to government policy on any issue will attract painful and for many suicidal consequences.

A long time Forbes contributor said on Monday that he was sacked from the magazine for his coverage of the financial dealings of Dr Anthony Fauci, including a report on the White House chief medical advisor’s whopping $350,000 retirement package.

Adam Andrzejewski had been working with Forbes for the last eight years, coming up with more than 200 columns for the outlet. But it’s the four pieces on Fauci last year that got him in trouble, the investigative journalist insisted in his appearance on Fox News.

Clearly, Forbes editors didn’t want his oversight of Dr Anthony Fauci’s finances and that’s the reason his column was cancelled Adam Andrzejewski Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The state of Victoria banned Sky News on all public transport for being too far right. A commentator says, All MSM companies are controlled by intelligence agencies anyway. Another adds ‘If the government stopped advertising the pandemic, would we even know we were in one?’


Whatever way one looks at it, the government does not need to actually own a single newspaper, television or radio station. But as long as these institutions are dependent upon government sponsorship readers, viewers and listeners will be bombarded by persistent government propaganda similar to that endured by the Bolshevik revolutionaries. Source

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