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In the 1930s Britain urged Poland (today Ukraine) to constantly provoke her German neighbours (today Russia). Promises were made to the Polish government (Ukraine) that in the event of a German military response (Russian) Britain and her Empire would ally itself to Poland to resist the German armed forces.  

Assured and encouraged, some would say goaded, the Polish armed forces using militias constantly carried out cross border raids. On September 1, 1939, the Polish attack (Ukrainian attack on Donbas) on the German border town of Gleiwitz resulted in Hitler’s Germany (Russia) responding by overrunning only that territory occupied illegally by Poland contrary to the terms of the Versailles Treaty.

Assistance by Britain (and France) was not forthcoming and would not materialise. However, Britain had the excuse for war Westminster’s war party desired. This was a war not to defend Poland but a necessary excuse to declare war on Britain’s main trade rival, Germany.

February 1 1945; Poland’s General Anders reproached Winston Churchill for not adhering to the English guarantees (to defend Poland). He asked the unelected war premier. ‘What shall we say to our soldiers? Soviet Russia is now confiscating half of our territory and wants the remaining part of Poland to be managed according to its own fashion. We know from experience where that leads.’   

The guileful and duplicitous Churchill smiled: ‘You yourself are to blame for that. We did not guarantee your eastern frontiers. Today we have enough soldiers and do not need your aid.  You can remove your divisions.  We are not using them anymore.’ – Winston Churchill.


‘You did not say that during the last few years,’ replied Polish General Anders. Churchill conceded that Poland was cynically used to provide Britain with the justification for declaring war on Germany. History certainly does repeat itself. PLEASE SHARE OUR STORY.

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  1. you write it yourselves: “The people do not want the war the political, banking and arms complex industries want it”

    The same people who funded stalin and hitler are now funding the destruction of our world to impose their ‘great reset’.

    Putin by starting the fight just plays into their hands.


  2. Zelensky (the Jew president) says men ages 18-60 have to stay while he let all the Jews leave a few weeks before “Russia invaded” This another war for Jews to slaughter our race while enriching themselves. All the able-bodied best white men killed off will leave the nations weak and desperate, and they’ll con them into bringing in those nonwhites, just like they conned Western Europe after WWII when Jews slaughtered millions upon millions of Europeans.

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