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Washington Destroys or Removes the evidence of illegal biological warfare before scampering from the scene of the crime

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SHOCK REPORT: US was engaged in using the US and Ukrainian troops to test biological weapons:

The mantra of government is ‘nothing to hide then nothing to fear’ is repeatedly returning to haunt duplicitous globalists. Bulgarian investigative journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva said that the US Embassy’s removal of documents about biolabs in Ukraine is censorship.

‘In response to publications about laboratories, the US government tried to remove all information about them as soon as possible, because it proves that the US government and, in particular, the Pentagon, founded 11 biological laboratories in Ukraine,’ she said in an interview with REN TV .

Gaytandzhiyeva called the incident censorship. According to her, most of the users who posted this information were accused of spreading fake news. 

At the same time, Dilyana emphasised that the data was published by the US government and not removed from all resources, you can find documents and make sure that the Americans are still cooperating with Ukraine and continue to open new laboratories in Kyiv and Odessa. They even set a launch date of 2023.

‘The US Embassy in Ukraine realized that now Russia can find all these 11 laboratories and start an investigation because, before that, any attempt by all journalists or public figures, politicians, even Ukrainian ones, and Ukrainian deputies raised this issue,’ Gaytandzhieva emphasized.

She mentioned the leaked documents of the Security Service of Ukraine, which indicated that the SBU officers warned the Ukrainian government about the dangerous (and illicit) activities of American scientists from the Pentagon in the laboratories for the country.


‘The concerns of security people, journalists and politicians were ignored. And I myself wonder if the reaction of the American embassy means that they are afraid that sooner or later people will be able to reveal what they are doing in these laboratories, which of them were funded by the American side,’ the journalist concluded.

Earlier, Gaytandzhiyeva told REN TV that the biological experiments conducted by the United States on the military of different countries, including Ukraine and Georgia, are potentially dangerous . 


It was also reported about the emergence of new data on the work of American biological laboratories in the territories of Ukraine, Georgia and other states. For example, it was said that work is underway on their base to test various viruses  on Ukrainian and American soldiers. Source 1,

Source and video in English

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