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Manuel Labour isn’t Working for Spain as Truckers down Tyre Levers

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Despite the futile efforts of the Spanish government to reduce the prices of gasoline and diesel fuel, the Platform for the Protection of the Transport Sector intends to continue the strike. The truckers’ protest has been going on for almost two weeks. The key workers are not satisfied with the proposed measures and they demand an immediate solution to the problem of skyrocketing fuel prices.

More than a billion dollars in aid offered by the Spanish government to tackle the problem of rising fuel prices have not been enough to end the strike of transport workers. The initiator of the protests, the Platform for the Protection of the Transport Sector, after a meeting on Friday evening with the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sanchez, decided to continue the economy crushing truckers strike indefinitely.

The reason is that the aid package agreed by the Spanish government and the National Road Transport Committee at a meeting that was not attended by the organizers of the strike does not offer solutions that would now allow transport workers to stop working at a loss.

The agreement expects the Ministry of Transportation to submit a bill by July 31 to apply the principles of the food chain law to the freight transport sector, thus avoiding operating at a loss. However, the protesters consider this period too long, calling for an immediate solution to the problem of rising prices for gasoline and diesel. Due to dissatisfaction with the agreement, the Transport Sector intends to continue the protests, which have already led to supply disruptions and a shortage of food on store shelves.

On Friday, protesters, mostly self-employed hauliers and small and medium-sized businesses, rallied in front of the ministry’s headquarters in Madrid early in the morning, expressing dissatisfaction with the negotiation with the National Road Transport Committee. ‘No one is talking to us, they are still sitting with the wrong people,’ Hernandez had previously lamented, calling diesel subsidies crumbs.

In the face of this criticism, the minister backed down by meeting with protesters on Friday night. However, the meeting did not bring the desired result.


‘We are stuck in a cul-de-sac. We don’t have money for travel because the expenses are not covered. If this is not corrected first so that we do not work at a loss, we will not be able to start work, ‘protest leader Manuel Hernandez said after meeting with Marxist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Hernández, who had unsuccessfully sought a meeting with the minister for several days before, acknowledged that protests would again be held in several Spanish provinces this Saturday, during which protesters would slowly pass in a motorcade. Source


Pedro Sanchez clenched fist

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