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The Death of the International and Domestic Postal Services


The Last Post has carried its mournful trumpet sounds across the Western Alliance. However, every cloud has a silver lining as mail-order marketing corporations like LULU, Amazon and PayPal are laying off tens of thousands of employees and closing many depots with more layoffs and closures in the pipeline 

Fact: shipping and handling and often customs duty can cost several times more than the goods ordered. Winners and losers: who are the winners? Local community shops, fashion outlets, locally made goods, florists, white goods, cameras, especially bookstores.

To dodge the cost of books by mail order publishing houses are being innovative. A prominent American supplier explains: ‘However, we can offer the books as PDFs (we place a watermark on each page indicating it is copyrighted.) That is really our only option.

We have the problem and have had it happen multiple times that books mysteriously disappear at customs. We had a $700 order of books seized by the Canadians. They said they sent the books back to us. They never appeared’

Our correspondent adds: ‘There could be a global priority option such as reduced shipping and handling charges for say two or three books ordered. However, as things stand, Europe, Australia, South America, and Africa postal services are pretty much killed for us.’

Is the Last Post sounding for Spain’s Correos and to Europe’s postal services generally? My experience and that of others are that the Post Office ceased delivering anything but fine words and broken promises a long time ago.

Is there a solution to the Post Office’s shoddy unprofessional approach? Yes, but first let us remember that 100 years ago the postal service worked to standards that placed the service on par with the best of military regiments. In Britain, the Queen’s Royal Mail was sacrosanct. Great oceangoing liners deemed to be of sufficient standard to carry Her subject’s post bore the prefix (Royal Mail Ship) RMS as RMS Lusitania, RMS Olympic. Today, the Post might be more reliable if conveyed locally by RMS horse and cart.

In an effort to lure back disappointed overcharged customers the Post Office introduced a higher price tracking service. This meant the sender would supposedly know precisely at what stage their sent package currently was. Don’t waste your money. 

Helen, a concert organiser tracked her important composers’ music resumes to a German Post Office whose staff claimed ignorance of the package ~ but later returned it to her.

Enquiring about an overdue package, I visited my post office in Spain’s Costa Riviera only to be told it had never arrived. Really? The large and expensive package sent to my address was spotted on the table right behind the assistant who told me it had never been delivered. Had I not chanced upon it the parcel would have been ‘returned to sender’. Maybe? 

Before Christmas, my wife posted an expensive box of special Spanish confectionary to our very good friends in EU member Latvia. Postage cost €30. It never arrived and nor was the package returned to the sender despite the sender’s details being clearly printed on the packet’s cover.

A parcel sent to Australia containing three expensive books plus eye-watering postage costs were ‘lost in the post.’ Beforehand, a package sent to Ukraine (before the crisis) never arrived. Ditto Canada.

Hundreds of ‘lost’ Royal Mail and Hermes parcels are being auctioned off on eBay

The best of British – the originator of the postal service? I hope not for my neighbour who has many friends tells me most of his greeting cards arrive long after their sell-by delivery date. This reminds me: the failure rate of sending cards, envelopes and packages to international recipients via a local outlet was so hit-and-miss we gave up on it altogether.

Is there a solution? Yes, explain the situation to those to who you once sent gifts. Now go online and make a simple low-cost cash transfer with the following suggestion:

‘Dear Friends: here is a small cash gift that will pay for a nice candlelit three-course meal with splendid service at a restaurant of your choice. Be sure to wash your meal down with a bottle of good wine. YOU CAN SHARE THIS STORY ON SOCIAL MEDIA.

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