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Caught on Camera: Clergy and Parishioners gassed and smoked out of Ukrainian Church by Kyiv’s heavies.

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SPECIAL REPORT EUROPE RENAISSANCE EXCLUSIVE: The Orthodox Church Ukraine (OCU) temple in the Ivano-Frankivsk region has come under attack by Kyiv’s heavies using smoke bombs and nerve gas to attack and banish praying parishioners and their praying clergy.

The shocking event was caught on video and cameras but Western media never noticed. One can imagine the sensational headlines and national news coverage in the unlikely event this sordid and blatant expulsion of Christ had occurred in Russia. Ukrainians are horrified and distressed at such an attack on the Holy Church.

First, as the Ukrainian police looked on the bandits cut off the fence gate with a grinder, then knocked it out with several blows. An aggressive mob burst into the territory and cordoned off the temple.

Some of the Church believers locked themselves in the temple, some prayed on the porch and steps. The believers chanted ‘Glory to God!’. The activists of the state and parishioners of the opposing Ukrainian church tried to break through the doors, but the parishioners did not let them through.

But soon part of the attackers broke open the side doors and rushed inside. They sprayed tear gas and drove out the priests and believers of the UOC who were inside. Secretary of the diocese, Fr. Vasily Romanyuk was shot with a jet of gas straight in the face. He lost consciousness and fell. The priest was taken out of the temple and hospitalized.

The bandits opened the central doors and pushed the believers down the stairs. To the sobbing of parishioners, the mob knocked out the doors to the refectory. The ruling bishop, Bishop Nikita, and his parishioners were pushed out of the territory. The last temple of the UOC in the Ivano-Frankivsk region was captured. Everything happened within an hour, the police did not interfere with the bandits. This is understandable as Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv led the takeover. He solemnly announced that the Ivano-Frankivsk region was the first in Ukraine where there is no longer a Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Ruslan Martsinkiv: ‘This is a great event for us. Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast is the first that is completely without the Moscow Patriarchate today.’

THE SPECTRE OF BOLSHESM’S WAR CHRISTIANTY: “Well, we do believe that the church will survive no matter what happens. But you mentioned this, the persecution in the Soviet Union. And, you know, I was maybe quite naive to think that after what we experienced in the 20th century, I mean, our fathers and grandfathers, something like that would never happen in the contemporary world. And the fact that we’re talking about those persecutions today in Ukraine, that we compare…. It’s not just a metaphor when we talk about persecution, it is a fact. It is a terrible fact, and these historical parallels are real, and it is terrible,” says Vladimir Legoyda.

The penultimate temple of the UOC in the city, Preobrazhensky, was demolished by excavators in January 2022. Therefore, all the believers of the city prayed in the Nativity Cathedral, a community of which has more than 300 people prayed. The parishioners turned to the police, the SBU (Secret Police), and even to the President. Nobody protected them. And on March 28, there was the power grab.

And in this situation, it’s not even the bandits with tear gas that hit. We can’t seriously say that all these guys in balaclavas, caps and hats, walking around the ruined temple, are believers? Those who call themselves ‘priests’ of the opposing Ukrainian church are astounding.

‘After they and the authorities pulled off the military assault and seized someone else’s temple, these people go into the altar and pray. To whom and about what? You have taken away their shrine from hundreds of people and deprived them of their last temple in the city and region. How can you immediately pronounce the name of the Mother of God and Christ, and ask them for something? It’s like breaking a girl’s jaw with a fist and immediately asking her to marry you.

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