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Big Pharma with Media Complicity pay politicians and celebrities massive pay-outs to take fake vaccines to entice the sceptical


ROME: Is the vaccination campaign against Corona a deliberate deception, even a fraud? Yes, says the celebrated Italian psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. He, therefore, speaks of a criminal offence at the expense of an unsuspecting population, especially those professional groups that are brought into existential distress by the state in order to drive them to vaccinate. But that’s not all: Meluzzi speaks of another fraud in this colossal fraud.

The well-known psychiatrist and criminologist is a television star in Italy. The most important criminal cases end up on his desk or are analysed by him in the media. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of John Paul II last year, he criticized the incumbent head of the church. The criticism he exerted at the time also seems to apply to Pope Francis’ corona policy since then:

‘We need a Pope who doesn’t wink at powerful powers and global lobbies.’

His thinking is impressive because of its clarity.  He is the Archbishop of the Italian Orthodox Church. He is best known to the public as a psychiatrist, criminologist and talk guest. However, for the past 18 months, his television appearances have been becoming rarer due to criticism of the corona narrative.

In an interview with the radio station Radi-O-Ra-dio, he says that it is more and more obvious that the vaccine preparations conditionally approved in the EU do not provide what governments promised. This means that the basics are not met to impose vaccination requirements on entire professional groups such as health workers and teachers. 

It has been proven, according to Meluzzi, that despite being vaccinated, one can become infected and infect others, that one can still get sick and also die. There is even a double risk. As with seasonal flu, the coronavirus threatens certain very small risk groups. The vaccination would affect additional groups of people who could not be harmed by the virus itself, for example, people under 50 and young people.

Who will take responsibility for those who have been vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated, some of whom will be disabled for a lifetime, says Meluzzi? And there are those responsible because it is government bodies, very specific people in these bodies, who have decided to use advertising campaigns to advertise the vaccination and pass on shortened and misleading information. Someone by first and last name decided to actually force others to vaccinate by threatening people with dismissal if they do not get vaccinated. It is about premeditation.

In Iceland, according to Meluzzi, 86 percent of people over the age of 16 are vaccinated. Nevertheless, new restrictions on public and private life have been in force since the end of July because there are so many infected people. Who should these infected people be, asks Meluzzi, the vaccinated? This proves that the vaccination is a fraud and that the state vaccination campaigns should be seen in a completely different light. This makes the position of government officials very difficult.

Either the vaccine preparations or the corona tests would be of no use. In both cases, consequences should be drawn immediately. Under other circumstances this would have happened long ago: Why not with Corona?

Meluzzi calls other examples in which well-known people allowed or were coerced into being vaccinated and suffered illness and death as a consequence not of Covid but of vaccination. Why have these and many similar cases not already led to a radical change of direction in the global vaccination campaign? According to Meluzzi, there are two possible explanations for this behaviour:

‘Either we are dealing with a form of collective madness that has dethroned logic, or we are dealing with a mixture of collective madness and underlying but invisible logic. I think that’s the most likely hypothesis.’

Humanity has been experiencing a never-ending narrative for 20 months: For example, how much does Pfizer earn with this permanent narrative? It is clear that the profitable pharmaceutical companies have immense resources at their disposal to continue the marketing campaign indefinitely. The money spent is recovered several-fold.

The profitable ideal of the pharmaceutical industry is clear: every six months, all of humanity should have to be vaccinated. That creates endless, gigantic sales. Is there a better business model,’ says Meluzzi ironically?

The psychiatrist and criminologist add: ‘The corona vaccination could not be done in silence. In order to keep the narrative for the vaccination campaign going, it needs a role model effect. An indispensable part of today’s PR campaigns is ‘testimonials’ that advertise with their name and face. It takes grandiose words in order to reach the hearts of the most reluctant. The sceptic is the declared enemy of the vaccination advocates.

One of the most effective testimonials of the global vaccination campaign, according to Meluzzi, is Pope Francis who loftily claims vaccination is an ‘act of love’.  In Italy, one of them is President Sergio Mattarella, who called vaccination ‘a duty’ and ‘the only effective tool’ to end the ‘pandemic’. 

Meluzzi raises the question of whether those who preach the common good at such a high level actually themselves vaccinate. 

Both Pope Francis and President Mattarella their vaccination was announced in the media with a blast of the trumpet. The same is true in most other states. Chancellor Merkel and Federal President Steinmeier had their vaccinations announced or even put in the picture, unconvincingly. Chancellor Kurz and Federal President Van der Bellen did the same in Austria. Only the Swiss behaved discreetly. There was a secret vaccination appointment for their federal government. However, it was not disclosed which federal councillors were vaccinated.

The doubt as to whether the celebrities really get vaccinated has been haunted since the vaccination campaign began. According to Meluzzi, there is justified doubt, because it is no secret, according to the criminologist, that the celebrity vaccinations are ‘put into the picture in terms of PR’.

Last month, at an event in San Marino, Meluzzi made a statement that was almost entirely ignored by the media: ‘A large proportion of those above a certain level who have been vaccinated have received the wrong vaccines.’

According to Meluzzi, members of the elite can be photographed for the vaccination campaign in order to entice others to vaccinate, but they themselves receive a fake vaccination: ‘I assure you because you offered it to me too.’

The internet daily Imola Oggi asked Prof. Meluzzi, who confirmed his statement. This was communicated and offered to him by an authoritative source. ‘With a fraud as colossal as the one we are witnessing, that seems almost normal to me.’ Source


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