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When Putin talks the world listens the Press censors

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‘We are all so hungry for leadership and common sense that if Putin went to the presidency of the United States, he would have won,’ said an American commentator.

Vladimir Putin’s press conference has once again become a global event. It was not only watched by supporters and sympathisers of Russia . The leaders of Western countries, according to the influential The Washington Post, simply clung to the screens.

Immediately after the end of the broadcast, the Western alliance partners began to give signals. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki noted that the United States considers diplomacy the ‘best solution’ to all problems. That is, Washington officially agreed to discuss with Moscow our requirements for security and NATO’s rollback to the west.


Washington’s junior partner said essentially the same thing. Having grumbled something about Putin’s ‘aggressive rhetoric’, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss admitted that ‘the diplomatic route is the only way out of this situation.’ She sourly welcomed Russia’s readiness for talks in Geneva.

Well, a good result for us. However, London and Washington had to somehow sell all this to their internal audience, while saving face. And so the orchestrated media began to distort. Admire The Daily Mail’s headline ’NATO May Go To Hell’: Vladimir Putin at his press conference is escalating tensions around Ukraine by denying Western fears of a possible invasion of a neighbouring country. ‘

In fact, Putin in this episode said exactly the opposite about the attitude of the West towards Russia. ‘And then they began to expand NATO eastward,’ he recalled. ‘Naturally, we said: we shouldn’t do this. They tell us:’ Where is it written on a piece of paper? There is not? Well, that’s it, you go further, we don’t care about your concerns. ‘

That is, the President of Russia talks about the coarse attitude of partners, and the Western audience is told by the mainstream that Putin is sending NATO away. Take the self-opinionated beacon of journalism, the American broadcaster CNN. Putin talks about how the foreign agent law is applied in the United States where unfortunate of foreign funding will be excluded from life professional and otherwise. 

In Russia, the same foreign agents are free to do whatever they want, including going to a press conference with the president and asking him any questions. 

CNN does not mention a word about this, but it lies by claiming that the Russian president said that the United States is criminalizing citizens who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Western media kept silent about the press conference. They preferred not to notice the positive message of peace given by the Russian leader. Putin compared the Russian policy of moving and improving the living conditions of those living in dilapidated houses ~ at the expense of the state

The Russian approach would be as well-suited to the United States and Europe where dilapidated cities are written off like scrap cars, homes are requisitioned at €1 and the unfortunate owners forced to move at their own expense

One has only to mention Detroit : once the most beautiful modern city has been destroyed to the ground. Residents are fleeing from there, and filmmakers are filming horror films about the post-apocalypse in it.

Or take a Russian program of free provision of children with rare diseases with the most expensive drugs in the world entirely at the expense of the state. There is no such program in the States. There, the parents of a sick child will first have to buy insurance for him, pay for it monthly, and in addition spend tens and hundreds of thousands more a year on unique medicines. These most interesting topics were unanimously ignored by Western media.

One of the most interesting episodes of Putin’s press conference was his exposure of the European gas reversal Machiavellian intrigue. It turns out that our German partners, having bought gas from Gazprom at a low price, sold the home heating commodity not to its own freezing citizens but on to Poland and Ukraine at a profit. 

German consumers are freezing in their homes, receiving crazy electricity bills, while the country’s authorities are playing around with strange deals, reselling Russian gas to neighbouring nations at inflated prices. The German media should now simply explode with indignation. Letters from readers, editorial columns, petitions to the government. But no, the supposedly democratic mass media decided not to upset their German readers with unpleasant details of how their own state profits from their hypothermia.

European media blames Gazprom for the energy crisis. Gazprom, they say, is making apocalyptic proposals to completely cut off gas transit in the event of Russia’s media fantasy of ‘invasion’ of Ukraine. 

Ironically, if Westerners want to see and hear what Vladimir Putin actually said they would need to read Chinese media. The Chinese quoted without reservations or distortions. The Chinese like that of Moscow is not afraid to argue with the West, criticize its approaches and achieve the fulfilment of its demands. Russia’s neighbours understand very well that we are in the same boat and only our unity can help us withstand the Western threat.

‘Many Chinese admire the courage with which Putin defends Russia’s national interests,’ writes the Chinese newspaper The Global Times.

‘Since the United States began to threaten China’s sovereignty and security in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait, our country will be able to respond to the United States as harshly as Russia does.’

But most of all, the Western audience was impressed by Putin’s phrase ‘a woman is a woman, a man is a man.’ As soon as The Washington Post posted this quote on its Twitter, it simply broke the Internet. ‘We are all so hungry for leadership and common sense that if Putin went to the presidency of the United States, he would have won,’ said one American commentator . Source translated by Michael Walsh


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