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EUROPE RENAISSANCE NEWSDESK stories censored by mainstream media. Your donations keep the truth published. PLEASE HELP US. It is easier than you think. Details contact Michael Walsh

The best-selling book title EUROPE ARISE, the conspiracy to flood Europe with aliens began with non-white immigration in 1945.  In the War against Whites vested interests; anti-White political (Liberal-Leftist), propaganda (Media) and economic (George Soros) throw their combined resources at destroying ethnic-Europeans. Lucifer-led forces of darkness openly state their aim is a world in which only a few impotent renegade Whites are left to serve their new masters.

Alien owned and foreign-controlled media degrades ethnic-European culture, European values and the Christian religion. Among many diverse ethnic groups, Europeans alone are media coerced into believing their ethnicity shameful and inferior. European children are brainwashed to accept the mantra of their being less equal to others whilst religions and cultures of non-Whites are touted as morally superior and promoted.

Ethnic-Europeans are singled out for ethnic cleansing by anti-White construct; laws to prevent criticism, family reduction and social dissolution through race-mixing. Media mocks pro-European sentiment and resistance and distracts with trivia. Europeans are brainwashed to accept an inferior status, are guilty by race, and must compensate by adopting inferior status.  Europeans are now victims of anti-White racism in pro-race-mixing media, the popular culture, and in education and job prospects. EUROPE ARISE is a 5-minute to midnight wake up call for ethnic Europeans everywhere.



In fact, over 70 Michael Walsh books were abruptly removed without warning or appeal immediately before Christmas 2021. Deleted titles include romantic poetry, novels, books about Africa, travel, maritime-related books, business advice manuals. A major broadcaster described the account’s deletion as ‘an act of spiteful hate.’ A former Member of the European Parliament said it was ‘an act of viciousness by Amazon.

Michael vowed to make Amazon pay heavily by providing a EUROPE ARISE free download. This riposte could mean the ground-breaking EUROPE ARISE book is read not by a relatively few Amazon buyers but by tens of thousands of concerned Europeans and sympathetic non-Europeans around the world.

Michael counts on sufficient donations being pledged so that he can continue to support himself and his family. If the strategy is a success, then it is likely that other titles will complete the same escape from Amazon control.

It is my faith and belief that by making EUROPE ARISE a FREE download enough good-hearted souls will donate to enable others to be better informed and inspired by Michael Walsh’s epic EUROPE ARISE.

An online bank transfer using your laptop or Smartphone is easy. If you live in the EU or UK the transaction is easier and quicker than an ordinary debit card purchase. CONTACT Michael at or for the key.

Donate: It is the generosity of our supporters and members that makes our vital work possible. As the storm clouds of crisis and the pain of injustice and persecution loom over our people, the potential and importance of our work grows day-by-day. There is no George Soros figure out there for nationalists, so we can only do what good people like you help us to do. Thank you for your faith and your generous commitment: contact Michael Walsh

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