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Support by the United States is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man

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EDITORIAL: The only enemy Ukraine has is Washington DC (NATO) and the Brussels European Union. Is there a difference? No. A fellow Ukrainian explains: ‘Support by the United States is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man.’  –  Nikita Khrushchev.

There is not a single American or Western European who gives a damn about Ukraine. Do Ukrainians consider sacrificing their sons’ lives to defend breaches in America’s Mexican frontiers?

Washington DC – NATO has invaded multiple nations and unceremoniously shown the door in all of them. Are we to believe that Washington, Wall Street, Westminster and West Europe genuinely has any interest other than self-interest in Ukraine? Ukraine serves only as a battlefield upon which Russia can be weakened while NATO after scarpering from the scene of the crime screams about Russian aggression. Remember how England bolted from Poland, France, Greece, Norway etc. at the outbreak of World War II.

Irish-American William Joyce, hanged as a ‘British’ traitor in 1946 had earlier sneered, ‘England is fighting to the last Frenchman’. Today, the Americans and a handful of NATO compliant EU nations want to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

There is a masterstroke that could take a wrecking ball to the threat from Washington DC. That would quickly 1) Remove the threat of war. 2) Guarantee Ukrainian independence. 3) Restore Ukraine’s economy (currently the worst in Europe. 4) Unite Ukraine including the breakaway Lugansk, Donbas and Crimea regions. 5) Deflate NATO and in doing so make the world a safer place.

How is this nirvana to be achieved? Return to a partnership with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Follow the examples of the Bloc’s prosperous nations. Enter into dialogue with the Russian Federation that would secure and guarantee Ukrainian independence. This alliance would act as a counterweight to the European Union with added assets and advantages.

Ukraine’s present independence is an illusion. Ukraine is dependent on Washington DC, NATO and Wall Street banking cartels. That is not independence.

Members of the CIS are more independent; they are safer and more prosperous.  Alliance with the CIS is not subservience but alliance with the EU/NATO is subservience. 

The Commonwealth of Independent States will welcome and appreciate, create trading opportunities and facilitate free movement across the nations making up the CIS. 

The alternative is to be bled dry and used as a battlefield by the collapsing Western powers. That is not a choice, it is the life or death of a nation. ~ Michael Walsh.


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