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Embalming Specialist finds bizarre, rubbery blood clots in bodies of the vaccinated

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A test center employee performs a coronavirus test in the ‘Kurfuerstendamm (Ku’damm)’ shopping road in Berlin, Germany, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021. Germany has announced new restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of the new omicron variant of COVID-19. The new rules, which go into effect on Dec. 28, fall short of a full lockdown but include contact restrictions for vaccinated people. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

Richard Hirschman, a board-certified embalmer and funeral director, has made a shocking revelation that could help intensify the worldwide call to stop injecting people with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Interviewed by Dr Jane Ruby on January 26, Hirschman shared that he’s been seeing ‘unnatural blood clot combinations with strange fibrous materials’ that completely filled the vascular system and totally clogged the arteries and veins of the deceased.

‘I don’t know how someone could live with something like this inside of them,’ he said, adding that he has never seen anything like those rubbery blood clots in over 20 years of practice until last year. Those are not simple blood clots, Hirschman said. They’re compounded with long, stringy, white, elastic structures that he can rinse under the water.

‘Typically, a blood clot is smooth. It is blood that’s coagulated together but when you squeeze it, touch it, or try to pick it up, it generally falls apart. You can almost squeeze between your fingers and almost get it back to blood again. But this white fibrous stuff is pretty strong, it’s not weak at all,’ he said.

According to Hirschman, the unnatural blood clot combinations started to appear about six months after the vaccine rollout, which makes sense to him as he said he ‘can’t imagine something like that happening overnight.’

‘What I’ve been finding is a lot of bodies have been very flooded. I could literally raise the collages, rub the blood off of one hand, the white stuff holds strong. It does not dissolve.

You can break it but it’s stretchy. And in I thought maybe you know something’s not right. I contacted colleagues of mine, and they’re all seeing the same thing. It is not normal for anybody that I know. Hirschman said he’s seeing those in over 70 per cent of the bodies that he’s embalming these days.

While he can’t be certain that all of them were vaccinated, Hirschman related an instance in which there’s proof that the person he embalmed with those clots was vaccinated.

‘His wallet was on him and it is a part of my thing that I do. I checked for personal effects and found that he’s vaccinated.’ That person’s cause of death was listed as myocardial infarction or heart attack.

‘If this is caused by the vaccine, which my gut is telling me it is, I can’t prove that, but if this is caused by the vaccine, imagine the number of people that will be dying in the future. Because, people can’t live with this kind of substance floating around in their vessels and it is amazing how many people are dying of heart attacks and stroke lately,’ he told Ruby.

‘If one of these small fibrous tissues gets up into the brain, they’re going to have a stroke. If it gets into your heart, it’s going to lead you to a heart attack. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news but at the same time, people need to know this. If it is the vaccine that’s causing this, we need to stop it. Whatever this stuff is, if we can figure out what it is, then maybe we can figure out a way to dissolve these things to help save people’s lives.’

It is widely known already that COVID-19 vaccines can produce serious side effects related to blood clots in the body, prompting a temporary suspension of certain vaccines in some countries. In fact, US Corporation Johnson & Johnson quietly dropped all Covid-19 vaccine production in December. This went unnoticed by the Press.

Blood clots in the veins associated with vaccines have been reported in different parts of the body, such as the brain, thigh and lower leg. In some cases, blood clots can systemically travel to the vessel in the lung, causing blood clots called pulmonary embolism

The cause of blood clots or thrombosis chiefly involves the activation of the immune system that acts against the platelets, resulting in low levels of platelets in the blood and leading to undesired blood clot formation in the body.


Hirschman said the cause of death for most of the bodies he found with those strange fibrous materials was a heart attack and stroke, not a blood clot. But he noted that the doctors making those assessments don’t see what he and his fellow embalmers and funeral directors are seeing.

He is the first to come forward and reveal what he’s been seeing the past few months. ‘I hope that more people do come forward in my field,’ Hirschman said. Source 1, Source 2


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