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Europe in Crisis as Prices Soar and EU Regimes told to Focus on Domestic, not Russia-Ukraine Problems

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Huge numbers of truck drivers have gathered in Cologne to protest high petrol prices, according to the German newspaper Express. As the German Freight Transport and Logistics Association warns, the situation is now much tougher than with the coronavirus: Germany is looming over the worst supply crisis in 70 years, which will mean partly empty supermarket shelves.

In Germany, the consequences of rising fuel prices have begun to show, according to the German newspaper Express. The haulage company from Bergheim called for a protest of truck drivers in Cologne on Saturday, with the expectation that up to a thousand people and a large number of trucks will take part in the action.

In accordance with the plans of the organizers, the protest action was to take place for three hours in the parking lot of the exhibition complex in Cologne. It was decided to hold the protest in one place, without arranging the movement of a convoy of freight transport through the city. Under the terms of the promotion, wheeled tractors without trailers or semi-trailers were allowed to participate.

Due to the fact that many truck drivers rushed to the meeting point by 11 am, massive traffic jams and slow traffic were observed in the Deutz area and on the Zoo Road Bridge over the Rhine, so the city authorities advised residents to avoid the area if possible.

Meanwhile, the German Association for Freight Transport and Logistics (BGL) is warning of a massive supply crisis in Germany due to a sharp rise in gasoline prices. Germany is ‘moving towards a situation similar to that of the UK after Brexit,’ Engelhardt added. As the publication explains, the reason is that more and more transport companies can no longer cope with such high fuel costs.

The head of the BGL urged Federal Economics Minister Robert Habek to address the issue and talk to industry representatives about easing the situation. ’If Robert Habeck does not take action now, Germany will face a serious supply cut,’ Engelhardt emphasizes. The last time he wrote a letter to Habek at the beginning of the week, but he still has not received a response, Express concludes.

The German Association of Small and Medium Businesses fears that rising energy prices will trigger a wave of corporate bankruptcies and massive job losses. According to the head of the association, Markus Jerger, it is ‘unacceptable’ for the state to continue to benefit from price increases. He criticized the actions of the German government and called for ‘all kinds of support’ for businesses and their employees and to reduce taxes and energy prices.

The increase in energy prices in Germany is now noticeable not only at gas stations. The Association of Small and Medium Businesses in Germany fears mass bankruptcy of enterprises and loss of jobs. The report by the association’s managing director, Markus Jerger, notes that the situation in which the state continues to benefit from price increases (taxed fuel), meaning the electricity tax that remains at the same level and the reform in the field of tax incentives for people who regularly using transport to travel to and from work is ’unacceptable,’ writes NEOPresse.

 According to him, petrol prices over €2 per litre (now €2.50) and a doubling of gas prices are unacceptable. If consistent action is not taken now, we will lose many companies and therefore many jobs,’ Jerger warned. 


According to the association’s head, it is ‘unacceptable’ for the state to continue to benefit from price increases. Jerger has called for lowering the electricity tax to the minimum level set by the EU and introducing reforms in the field of tax incentives aimed at reducing the cost of travel to work for people living in another area.

‘People, like businesses, need all kinds of support. Whether it’s lowering energy prices, lowering taxes, or temporarily reducing the financial burden. There should be no prohibitions on expressing one’s opinion,’ the head of the Association of Small and Medium Businesses emphasized. 

He accused the German government of paying too much attention to Russia as a major gas supplier. ’Today, the oil and gas market is more of a power economy than a market economy in which the free forces of supply and demand no longer operate,’ Jerger said. In addition, according to Jaeger, the question also arises why the state ‘has only now started talking to countries like Qatar. He urged oil-producing countries to increase production, according to NEOPresse. Source 1, Source 2.


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