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Caught with its fingers in the till Washington struggles to extricate itself from the scandal of the Century

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The United States and Russia exchanged accusations in the UN Security Council. Moscow insists that the US authorities financed the biological weapons research program in Ukraine. In denial, Washington claims that this information is not true, writes Press TV.

Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said that the Ukrainian government allowed its own people to be used as guinea pigs for biological weapons research. According to the diplomat, the laboratories studied the spread of viruses with the help of birds and bats, which led to an increase in outbreaks of diseases in the country in recent years.

‘We urge you to think about a very real biological threat to the population of European countries, which can be caused by the uncontrolled spread of bioagents from Ukraine, which, as the experience of COVID-19 has shown, cannot be stopped. 

In such a scenario, it will cover the whole of Europe,’ Nebenzya warned. At the same time, he noted that the likelihood of such a development of events is especially high, given the interest in dangerous pathogens, which the Pentagon oversaw, from radical groups.  

In response, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield criticized Russia for trying to ‘divert attention’ of the world community. Moreover, she stated that Moscow allegedly repeatedly condemned others for ‘violations that it itself committed,’ Press TV emphasizes.

‘Ukraine does not have a biological weapons program. There are no Ukrainian bioweapons labs that are supported by the US, neither near the border with Russia nor anywhere else, ‘added Thomas-Greenfield. The head of the UN for disarmament admitted that the organization does not have data on any biological weapons program in Ukraine. Kyiv also denies conducting such research on its territory.

FAIL: However, the day before, US authorities issued a ‘stunning admission’, confirming that US-funded ‘biological research centres’ are being hosted in Ukraine. At a Senate hearing, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland expressed concern after Russia released documents showing that Washington ordered Kiev to urgently eliminate traces of a program that was allegedly related to the creation of banned weapons, Press TV draws attention.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry proved it had found evidence of the existence of US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine. According to the agency, a ‘network’ has been created in the country, with more than 30 facilities.

Meanwhile, the Joe Biden administration is seeking to slander Russia by preparing a potential provocation with banned weapons in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by American journalist and political scientist Don DeBar in an interview with Press TV.

‘This White House statement, assuming Biden understood or saw it before Jen Psaki made it, should be taken as a warning that the US is planning to use chemical weapons in Ukraine and then try to blame Russia for it,’ the expert suggested.

‘If they do this, they will make a serious miscalculation. No one in the world, with the exception of perhaps half or even less of the inhabitants of the United States, will believe this. And I’m not talking about the public opinion polls that The New York Times, CNN, or Reuters will show. I’m talking about what the real people here would be willing to believe amid their own misadventures, as the price of a gallon of gas is already hovering around $10 and bread is about to triple or quadruple,’ DeBar added. Source


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