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Zelensky Signs Law to Ban Ukraine’s Opposition Parties

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Kiev has adopted a law making it very easy to ban opposition political parties that he claims are ‘anti-Ukrainian’. This is the ‘democracy’ that the Western world is bankrupting itself for and which could turn into Apocalypse Now via nuclear war?

Ukraine, for centuries a fundamental part of Russia for centuries shares ethnicity, history, culture, religion and language. Naturally, some of the parties lean toward Russia, and a lot of these people are Russian-Ukrainians. Does that matter?

So, how do you become anti-Ukrainian? Well, you disagree with President Zelensky’s authority. It affects most of the parties except his own, especially the main opposition party.

The new law outlaws denial of the ‘aggression against Ukraine,’ calling it an internal conflict, civil war, and so on. Any positive remarks about those deemed to be perpetrating ‘aggression’ are prohibited as well. That includes referring to the forces of the breakaway Donetsk as Lugansk republics as ‘insurgents.’

The new law passed by Zelensky’s party simplifies the process to ban a political party. It takes a court ruling in the western city of Lviv as long as martial law continues and can’t be appealed.

In March, Ukraine’s National Security Council suspended eleven political parties the ruling party considered to be ‘pro-Russian.’ The list included assorted minor, primarily left-wing parties, as well as Ukraine’s second-largest group ‘Opposition Platform – For Life’, led by Viktor Medvedchuk, a businessman with alleged ties to Russia. Having previously been placed under house arrest, in April of last year the politician ended up in the custody of the country’s security services.

It took place after Ukraine failed to enact the Minsk2 agreement enactment, 7 years after Germany and France brokered the agreement with Ukraine and Russia. It meant recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk as independent republics. Source

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