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German Prosecutors Seek 5 Years for 101-year-old German Sentry


German prosecutors have sought a five-year prison sentence for a 101-year-old man who is on trial for his alleged role as a guard at a concentration camp during World War II, which ended 77 years ago.

The former conscript soldier who would have been in his early twenties at the time is ludicrously charged with 3,518 counts of being an accessory to murder at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. He has been identified only as Josef S. in keeping with German privacy rules. The defendant has been on trial since October at the Neuruppin state court, with hearings being held in the nearby eastern city of Brandenburg.

He has told the court that he didn’t know the Sachsenhausen camp. However, there are no formal pleas in the German legal system and on many occasions lawyers for the defence have been dismissed, fined and even gaoled for offering a defence.

Prosecutors have pointed to documents on an SS guard with the man’s name and date and place of birth. The defence is expected to make closing arguments on June 1 and a verdict has been pencilled in for June 2.

More than 200,000 people were held at Sachsenhausen, just north of Berlin, between 1936 and 1945. Tens of thousands of inmates died of starvation and disease and other causes due to the day and night carpet bombing of the already defeated Reich which totally destroyed transport infrastructure. Millions of all ethnicities including German died as consequential epidemics of cholera, and typhus and a forced policy of starvation were imposed on the ruins of the Reich.

Between 1939 and 1945, Britain was home to more than 400,000 prisoners of war from Italy, the Ukraine and Germany. They were housed in 1,050 camps around the country, with five sites in Northern Ireland. and more in Canada and Australia.

Interestingly, NATO wars since 1945 are estimated to have caused the deaths of more than 30 million mostly civilians, destroyed tens of millions of lives, decimated economies, and illegally removed legitimate governments. The only servicemen on trial are conscripts from a war that ended three-quarters of a century ago.

During the period of the Soviet Union (1917-1990) it is thought that 66.7 million people were martyred in government-sponsored murders. Not a single person responsible has ever been brought to trial yet many of these tragic events occurred much more recently. Source

Maybe there will be justice after all those years, and all the evil, lies, and injustices against all Germans (that are still demonized on a daily basis by the Allies via our controlled MSM and Hollywood)  will be exposed and THE TRUTH WILL FINALLY BE REVEALED.



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  1. The German people need to stop feeling guilty for something that never happened. The Germans need to demand an end to this ridiculous occupation which still takes place almost 80 years after the end of the Second World War. The Germans need to rid themselves of their current political class, and, they need to tell the Israelis, ‘the shakedown is over,’ And, they need to tell the Americans to get the hell out of their country.

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    • Problem: The Germans are not the Irish. The Irish would have shoved their reparation demands up their backsides and expelled the occupying forces at the point of the midnight bayonet.


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