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Last Exit from Brooklyn and elsewhere in the US for White People


The last time a party represented in Congress officially designated another as a terrorist organization, the civil war was in full swing. This has not happened for over 150 years. Usually, the parties argue, and sometimes they get angry, and call names. Sometimes they get really furious and call names directly very hurtful, but what they do not do is use law enforcement to suppress, harass and arrest voters who support the other side. Because this is not called democracy, but tyranny.

However, we are one step closer to tyranny, even though we may already be living under it thanks to one document that the House of Representatives has dubbed the Domestic Terrorism Bill. Not that murder in the US is already considered a crime.

The initiative, which has just been approved by the House of Representatives, directs the FBI, quote, to ‘analyse and monitor domestic terrorist activity.’ 

So how is it defined? Of course, we will not define it in any way. In other words, this bill directs the FBI, the largest law enforcement agency in the United States, to track Joe Biden’s detractors. Within its framework, the concept of domestic terrorism is seriously expanding: it now includes hate crimes, whatever that means.

In addition, the FBI and the Justice Department will be able to legally assess whether ‘white supremacists have infiltrated federal, state or local law enforcement.’ Who is a ‘white supremacist’? We will not define this either.

So, if you pass a law that gives people with guns the right to make arrests, then you probably need to define the concepts; otherwise, the law will be abused. Unless, of course, this law was written just in such a way that it could be abused. In this case, it is.

So, under this law, law enforcement will be required to issue a report twice a year on domestic terrorism to Congress on the topic ‘threats from white supremacists and neo-Nazis,’ because, as it turns out, the only form of racial discrimination in our country comes from one group. And this group does not vote for the Democrats, which is the whole point. It is for this reason that there is not a word about BLM, Antifa or black nationalists in the bill.

And, as we have already said, the term ‘ideology of white supremacy’ is not defined there in any way. And this is extremely strange, given that ‘white supremacy’ is the only thing that legislators talked about when they voted on this initiative.

JEROLD NADLER, US CongressmanRecent attacks by white supremacists have reminded minorities across the country of a dark page in our history that we have yet to fully turn.

JAMES CLIBURN, US CongressmanWe have witnessed far too many acts of domestic terrorism.

DAVID SISILLIN, US CongressmanOur country is at an important crossroads. Against the backdrop of the spread of white supremacist ideology and rampant extremists who foment prejudice and hatred, we are seeing an alarming rise in internal terrorism fuelled by this hatred.

Let’s not forget that when you listen to these people, the worst and most limited members of our society, but still elected members of Congress, and how they attack the white supremacists, then you need to know how they define the latter. 

However, their definition is likely to be different from yours. So, if you quote Martin Luther King, Jr., whose monument is on the National Mall, and say that the American government should treat people based on what they are, and not look at their origin and skin colour, then your definition of the people you were just listening to, is a white supremacist. Somehow scary. DON’T MISS THE TUCKER CARLSON VIDEO: Video

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