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British Cops threaten comedians with police reports over transgender jokes

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The UK Home Office has launched a new hate crime strategy to encourage citizens to be more vigilant about hate crimes. According to the publication, activists fear that because of such an approach, supporters of wokism will bombard the police with complaints about jokes on certain topics, including, for example, gender issues, because of which famous comedian Ricky Gervais recently came under a flurry of criticism.

The UK Home Office has begun developing a new strategy to combat hate crimes, aimed at getting people to contact law enforcement about all types of such offences, including discrimination based on gender identity, according to the Daily Mail.

Supporters of the initiative, which also proposes to charge perpetrators with so-called non-crime hate incidents, hope that it will help provide people with a sense of security from insult and hurt feelings. Meanwhile, freedom of speech activists fear that comedians will suffer as a result, who may be prosecuted for jokes on certain topics, for example, about the emergence of transgender ideology, the newspaper writes. 

The strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being developed despite a ruling by the British Court of Appeal last year that prohibited the police from registering opinions on gender issues as non-criminal hate incidents. Despite the fact that such incidents do not entail criminal prosecution, they are still entered into the register of offences, the journalist notes. 

Lawyer and member of the NGO Honest Cop Sarah Phillimore emphasized that the department’s plans are contrary to the court order, and because of this, the police may be on the other side of the law.

Such plans indicate that the government is either inattentive or disrespectful to the Court of Appeal. Be that as it may, the fact that lawmakers plan to expand the self-discredited and illegal practice of recording non-criminal hate incidents is simply amazing, ‘the publication quotes her.  

According to Phillimore, if the police continue to register complaints about comedians’ jokes or any other statements that do not contradict the law, they will create whole ’heaps’ of violations. 

And then they will find out in court that they simply do not have legal remedies. This strategy, cut off from reality, simply oozes arrogance, as if you fight on the right side of history, then the law does not apply to you. But how can you be on the right side of history if you regularly find yourself on the wrong side of the law?  the lawyer was outraged. 

The plans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs became known after the famous British comedian and creator of the original version of the popular TV series The Office, Ricky Gervais, incurred the wrath of supporters of the so-called ‘woke’ ideology, who attacked the artist with fierce criticism after the appearance on the Netflix platform of his new concert film SuperNature, where Gervais walks through cancellation culture with jokes about transgender people. At the very beginning of the film, the artist jokes, ‘Right now, the scariest thing you can say is, ‘Women don’t have penises,’ right?’.  


After the release of the film, LGBT organizations began to accuse the comedian of hate crimes, and in accordance with the new strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, activists will now be able to officially file a complaint with the police about his jokes, the author of the article explains. Source


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