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Former CIA analyst: Zelensky needs to reduce cocaine use – it affects mental abilities

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Commenting on President Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent statement, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson told Judging Freedom that the Ukrainian leader should cut back on drug use as it affects his mental abilities. Johnson also said that Russia would eventually crush the Ukrainian army and NATO along the way.

VLADIMIR ZELENSKY, President of Ukraine: We are fighting now so that no one will ever again enslave other peoples and destroy other countries. And all the old evil that modern Russia is returning will be defeated in the same way that Nazism was defeated. We will not lose what has been conquered, we will return everything captured by the enemy, we will rebuild what was destroyed, and together we will protect it all. We do not yet know the date of our victory, but we know that it will be a holiday for all of Ukraine, all of Europe, the entire free world. 

LARRY JOHNSON, former CIA analyst: He needs to use less cocaine. Obviously, this affects his mental abilities. The reality is that Russia has not been staging invasions of other countries. Russia has not staged expeditionary military adventures, except in Syria, where it entered at the invitation, I think, in 2015, to help Syria fight off Islamic rebels financed by the United States and Britain.

The notion that Russia is an aggressive power is a lie. Don’t forget that Zelensky, when he ran for president, promised to finally bring peace. But, once in the office, he made a 180-degree turn and supported people like the xenophobic Azov Battalion Banderaistas.

He also supported the destruction and eradication of Russian culture and Russian heritage. What he says is nonsense. Russia will eventually crush the Ukrainian army and NATO along the way. And Zelensky will be lucky if he stays alive. If he survives, he will become an exile.

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