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The Global Push Back against the Covid Corrupt is beginning

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Doctor Louis Fouché wrote this text on behalf of 60,000 people of his association  reinfo Covid.

‘First of all, I say hats off to all those who have succeeded in transforming the Coronavirus into a world health crisis, a ‘global pandemic’.

Thank you to the alarmist media, thank you to the dictatorial politicians, and thank you to the corrupt or dogmatic scientists. We want to express with this article all our gratitude to them. It is gratitude that comes from the word ‘grace’ as we have been touched by grace, thanks to you.

This crisis is a revelation, an unveiling, and an apocalypse. And after the apocalypse comes another world. We will never return to the world of before, despite those who still cling to it. For several years, we have felt that many things were ‘wrong’ in this world.

Caught up in our daily lives with this confused feeling of ‘something’ being wrong, we wandered around without really understanding, clinging to this flawed world to avoid the pain of detaching ourselves from it. Fortunately, the virus and its burlesque narrative invaded the surface of the globe, ripping off our blinders, leaving us to contemplate the disaster.

First, we tried to understand. I can tell you, we’ve never worked harder. And I’m going to hurt you: we are all volunteers! We have studied all the scientific articles, all the information, laws, decrees, ordinances. We have read all the information, both from the mainstream media and from the ‘conspiracy theorists’.

We learned to master the internet, social networks, communication, graphic design, and non-violent communication. We have written filmed, published, coordinated, drawn, sung, danced, created artworks. We get up at dawn and go to bed when our eyes close.

You wanted to impoverish us; you have enriched us so much: our knowledge is greater, we have discovered new talents. We have pushed back our limits: more than ever we are filled with hope, courage and joy.

You wanted us dead but we feel more alive and radiant than ever.

You wanted us to despair, we no longer need hope to undertake. Thanks to you, we have been able to identify what we do not want.

We don’t want to live in disguise. We don’t want to live in distrust of each other. We don’t want to live with the hypothetical guilt of ‘giving death’ to our loved ones by transmitting a virus. We do not want to live vaccinated by force every month for all the viruses that are or will come. We don’t want a health passport, facial recognition; we don’t want to live in a file.

We do not want to be incarcerated in our homes. You wanted to separate us. ‘Attention, social distancing: 1metre, then 1m50, then 2m with the new variants’.

You brought us together. You wanted to scare us, we came out of the cave. Play all alone with your shadows. You wanted to dumb us down in front of the television, we turned it off and tomorrow we will throw away all your consumer goods with programmed obsolescence.

You wanted to impose the health passport on us, to monitor us, to recognise us facially, to chip us perhaps? We are hungry for freedom. You wanted to sell us expensive drugs of dubious effectiveness and safety? We walk other paths of health. You wanted to impose your vision of the world, based on an eternal debt and total dispossession, even of our own lives?

We are laying the first stones of another exciting world based on gratitude, joy and the presence of others. So a huge thank you to you for all these benefits.’ Translated from the French and eminent anti-globalist scientist Dr Louis Fouché. Source

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