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Rhodesia’s Death, Europe’s Funeral

On November 11, 1965, Rhodesia, a self-governing British territory since 1923, declared itself a sovereign nation. The last country to declare UDI had been the United States two centuries earlier. Rhodesia’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) was a direct result of British betrayal.

Why is this important to us now? Because the fate that befell White South Africa and Rhodesia was a prototype for destruction of ethnic Europe. The same dark forces have turned their attention to fueling a European race war aimed at reducing Europe’s Whites and placing survivors in ‘Reservations of Deprivation’. South Africa today is Europe tomorrow.

Rhodesia under White management

In 1965 Westminster’s political elite fumed at the Rhodesian government’s rebelliousness. Rhodesia’s quest for independence was declared illegal. Economic sanctions and embargoes, common levers employed by England, were applied. This strategy brought hardship for many Britons too. With the support of Portugal and South Africa Rhodesia thrived.

It was hardly surprising that Rhodesia’s ethnic-European communities resented being treated less evenly than other de-colonised African nations. After all, it was their pioneering initiative, expertise, investment and hard work that had modernised Rhodesia. Rhodesia’s governance was denied ~ because it was ruled by ethnic-Europeans. The Salisbury government, unlike its Black ‘independent’ counterparts, governed for all citizens regardless of ethnicity. Africans resident in Rhodesia (and South Africa) were far better off than their equivalents in black ruled countries. In a futile attempt to stem the flow of incoming refugees from black-ruled Africa, South Africa was obliged to build fences.

Rhodesia UDI Declaration

It is worth reminding ourselves that Rhodesia’s European community were more Rhodesian than many Black residents. Furthermore, there was hardly a Rhodesia family who had not lost menfolk fighting for Britain during the Great War (1914 ~ 1918) and World War Two. Many Rhodesia Whites were second generation or more. On the other hand many Rhodesia’s Blacks were not Rhodesian born, but lured to the country by the wealth, security and potential of White ruled Rhodesia.

Treacherously, Westminster insisted on Black majority rule. Time proved Rhodesians right; every de-colonised sub-Saharan African nation turned out to be a colony of American corporate interests; all mired in corruption, poverty and hopelessness.

Stability followed until in 1970, to gain international recognition, Rhodesia declared itself a republic. Britain and the United States from there on collaborated with the Soviet Union to incite insurrection. The conspirators figured that if Rhodesia could survive sanctions they would face tougher odds if involved in a protracted period of civil unrest. The screws were turned on White Rhodesia. The U.S and Britain applied the sanctions; the Soviets supplied insurgents with funds and firearms. As always Western media acted as cheerleaders for their governments.

250,000 defiant Rhodesians were confronted by a David and Goliath struggle. This would pit David (Rhodesia) against Goliath (U.S. UK and USSR). All ethnic-Europeans aged between 18 and 50 were drafted into a defence force. The achievements of these warriors are not to be underestimated. Apart from being comprehensively outnumbered they were outgunned and under financed. The 250,000 ethnic European population, whose armed forces never exceeded 25,000, were challenged by 4 million of Russia and China’s hate-filled Blacks. Shoulder to shoulder stood those of both English and Boer stock.

Rhodesia’s rebels received moral support, and in some cases practical support also, from sympathetic Whites throughout the world. Taking their fight to the American, British, Russian and Communist Chinese leviathans, the ratio of losses was 10 / 1 in favour of the ethnic-Europeans and their loyal African comrades. Only after fifteen years of struggle, during which the beleaguered Rhodesians were betrayed by their South African allies, did the treacherous West succeed in their aim. In December 1979 under the Lancaster House Agreement, the outnumbered Rhodesians finally surrendered to inevitability. Their beloved once prosperous stable nation has since been ruled by the West’s puppet, Robert Mugabe.


In World War One, when things were bad,
And England needed men,
We rallied to our countries flag,
Rhodesians answered then.
And many asked us as we went,
“Whose battle do you fight?”
“Our country needs us”, we replied,
And fought with all our might.

And some came back, but hundreds not;
But you must understand,
We didn’t fight for fun, my lad,
We fought to save our land.
Two decades and once again,
The call to arms went out.
Rhodesians answers as before,
Was ever there a doubt?

Where did we go? Why everywhere!
On land and air and sea,
We fought in every battle,
And helped to set men free.
And some came back, but thousands not;
But you must understand
We didn’t fight for fun, my lad,
We fought to save our land

The years rolled by, and once again,
The battle cry is made,
This time Rhodesians fight alone,
And few come to our aid.
Both young and old, both black and white,
We’ll keep our country free,
And make it safe for everyone,
Not just for you and me.
Yes, some will live, and some will not,
But you must understand,
It isn’t any fun, my lad,
To fight to save our land.

Ballads of Betrayed Rhodesia Troops

Recommended: RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL by Michael Walsh

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  1. Yes dear Mike – the betrayal-gene seems to be endemic in the White Race. I have no idea why this is so. We are the only race in history thusly handicapped, in fact infected with a deadly virus. Why on earth we would support, passionately and totally convinced of our righteousness, those very races which want our total destruction is the dramatic mystery of the ages. This is the more unbelievable when considering that everyone knows what happens when the black race takes over. It is totally impossible to ignore historical developments in Africa, now in the USA, Britain and Europe generally as well. We suffer from a variety of viruses which are apparently immune namely, unlimited tolerance, nonecritical acceptance of alien races, religious freedom (Islam and Judaism are detrimentally opposed to European civilisation) and a totally blind, masochistic mind set which ALWAYS seeks and finds excuses for the most egregious behavior of those who aim to destroy us while viciously, mindlessly attacking their own who try to correct the course of historical suicide of the White Race. It appears the Hitler movement was the final desperate attempt to change course hence its criminalization and the Talmudic hatred directec against it.

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    • ‘Europe today has little desire to reproduce itself, fight for itself, or even take its own side in an argument. By the end of the lifespan of most people alive, Europe will not be Europe and the peoples of Europe will have lost the only place in the world we had to call home.’ ~ Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe.

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    • The “betrayal-gene” makes absolutely no sense, biologically speaking, except for the fact that we are DECEIVED into this self-destructive behaviour. We (the generic “we”) have been rendered mentally ill, by the contamination of our brains with toxic lies which are fed to us 24/7 from the time we are we tots. Surely it is a symptom of induced mental illness when we behave in a collectively suicidal manner. We have been MANIPULATED into becoming agents of our own destruction, as written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

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      • I agree, the betrayal gene makes no sense biologically, I never claimed it did. In fact I stated that I had no idea why this is so. What you write dear Monika is absolutely correct, however you totally ignore the massive betrayal which destroyed us between 1933 and 1945. It has been claimed that the conspirators made up a small clique – not so. The conspiracy permeated the entire german society and made itsel felt via hundreds of thousands of cases of sabotage, both seemingly incongrous and very serious. It was betrayal on a huge, massive scale, in many cases protected by the Gestapo which failed massively in undercovering incredibly egregious cases of sabotage by deliberately ignoring basic tools of police work. THAT is what I mean when talking about a genetic defect, because how else can it be explained?

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  2. It is usually the “Leaders” who betray the people. Even when the top is true, the upper middle is usually the treacherous ones. The problem as I see it is that we don’t use good lie detectors on the people who want to be leaders, especially the ones who sprout religion. The general public was sympathetic to the Rhodies, it was the government that betrayed them.

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    • South Africa (White) was given an ultimatum by Washington DC (Kissinger): cut Rhodesia’s lifeline or you get it too. SA caved in. … the rest is a dark history

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