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Colonel Douglas McGregor writes the Ukraine regime’s obituary as the media works on saving face


From the very beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the Western media deliberately portrayed what was happening in a distorted light, exaggerating Moscow’s miscalculations and Kyiv’s imaginary successes. 

However, this led to serious negative consequences, including a global economic crisis, and now the American media has to gradually prepare the audience to admit failure, writes retired colonel Douglas McGregor in an article for The American Conservative.

Western media have gone to great lengths in recent months to portray the Ukrainian military as much more powerful than it really is, writes Retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, who served as an adviser to the US Secretary of Defence in the Trump administration, in The American Conservative. At the same time, real information about the course of the special operation in the West was distorted, and the same footage was replicated many times to create the impression of miscalculations by the Russian forces, the article emphasizes. 

The American media deliberately presented the situation as if the Russians were incapable of achieving their goals, the author notes. However, in reality, the position of Kyiv, in his opinion, has long been hopeless, and increased military assistance from the West is not capable of fundamentally changing the situation. 

The fact is that in a situation where manned or unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and reconnaissance systems are associated with high-precision weapons or modern artillery systems and constantly supply them with accurate data, attempts to hold any fixed positions for any ground forces are disastrous, the expert emphasizes: ‘Ground forces in prepared defensive positions are detected and targeted from a distance.’  

At the same time, from the very first days of the start of the special operation in Ukraine, it became obvious that Moscow’s actions are focused on eliminating the military potential of Kiev, and not on the occupation’ of some cities or the seizure of territories, McGregor explains. And the result of such a strategy is the gradual destruction of Ukrainian combat units, which are only temporarily able to hold out thanks to the supply of weapons from the West, the article says.  

Nevertheless, with every passing hour, the situation in Kyiv is becoming more and more desperate, and no military assistance can fundamentally change this harsh reality unless it comes to the direct intervention of US or NATO ground forces, which is extremely unlikely. In his opinion, the main task for Kyiv now is not to discuss some territorial issues, but how to reach an agreement and stop hostilities. 

That will depend on two key factors, McGregor believes: whether the Zelensky government agrees to continue supporting the Biden administration’s ‘perpetual conflict’ policy with Russia, and how long the Americans themselves are willing to pour billions of dollars into fuelling that conflict. 

If the Biden administration gets its way and Kiev continues to act as a base for the West to build up forces and threats against Moscow, this will mean almost national suicide for Ukrainians, the American expert warns. To avoid this, he urges other European capitals to stop blindly following Washington and actively promote a settlement instead of a senseless ‘perpetual war’.

Now more Europeans, as well as Americans, are already beginning to face the catastrophic consequences of the economic downturn that Biden’s rash policies have led to, the article emphasizes. But unlike the Americans, European governments can still exercise autonomy and change course to try to minimize the negative impact of such policies, McGregor explains. 

The second factor, in his opinion, is related to whether Washington will be able to face the truth and think about what huge financial injections have led to Ukraine, the total amount of which has already exceeded $60 billion, and where further funds will come from to restore it against the backdrop of unfolding global economic catastrophe. 

Given that inflation has already increased the spending of the average American family by $460 a month, Ukraine may well end up quietly going underwater, like the Titanic, without causing much concern to the American electorate. Experienced politicians know that ordinary Americans are so indifferent to foreign issues that even admitting defeat in Ukraine is unlikely to have serious consequences, ‘the author predicts. 
At the same time, the overall negative effect of Washington’s string of strategic failures, including defeats in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, continues to accumulate in the minds of ordinary Americans, and it is unlikely that the White House will be able to completely avoid responsibility ‘for the extravagance that undermined the prosperity of America’, emphasizes in the article. 


Already in November of this year, the Americans will again go to the polls, the author recalls. In his opinion, if Biden does not decide to change his policy in the near future, then in the end he may well go down in US history, remembered for his ‘stubbornness and inertia’, like Herbert Hoover in 1932. ’Democrats remember how their predecessors successfully defeated Hoover for another half-century. Now it will be the turn of the Republicans to smash Biden – the same half a century, ‘warns McGregor. 

However, even among the Washington elite, in his opinion, fleeting ‘moments of truth’ can arise. And this is reflected in the fact that after several months of deliberate lies about the causes and course of the conflict in Ukraine, the Western media are gradually beginning to prepare the American and European public to recognize the collapse, the article says.’ Well, it’s long overdue,’ the author states. Source



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  1. Excellent and memes are excellent too…

    The problem is that Europe (west side) is full of MORONS who still believe the USA is America of the 1940’s…

    So they wave their little blue/yellow flags between 2 doses of bio-weapons posing as ‘vaccines’…

    How can such decadent, weak and idiotic people survive, or represent the future of our great civilization.

    The main hope is that it never took millions to build what our ancestors built, so the best only might survive.

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