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Renovated Notre Dame is to become a Politically Correct Disneyland

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is being rebuilt after it was destroyed in an Islamic arson attack. The perpetrator was caught, confessed and was quickly airbrushed out of the public arena by the mainstream media. It was afterwards decided to restore the damaged roof to its previous appearance. However, in the relatively intact internal chapels, they plan to completely change the interior. As the journalist of The Daily Telegraph, who got acquainted with the project, notes, many ecclesiastical experts strongly criticise it.

The project to restore Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged by arson in 2019, threatens to turn the temple into a politically correct Disneyland, reports The Daily Telegraph, which saw the relevant documents. Critics fear that the world-famous Christian temple will burn and turn into an experimental showroom due to plans to change its interior.

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According to the plan, confessionals, altars, classical sculptures will be removed and replaced with modern art, new musical accompaniment and lighting effects in order to evoke emotions among visitors.

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The 14 chapels, one after the other, will be decorated according to different themes. First, there will be chapels dedicated to the creation of the world, Abraham, the Exodus from Egypt, the prophets, and then, to different continents. 

But the emphasis will not be on Christian Europe but will be on Asia and Africa. And the final chapel will be dedicated not to Christ but to the environment. The author of the article connects this with the fact that the current Pope Francis is concerned with the environment. And in principle, he is in favour of reforming the church.

Visitors to the iconic Christian cathedral will be guided from north to south along the path, accompanied by light and sound effects to make them feel as if they are walking from darkness to light.

Bible quotes in various languages, including Mandarin Chinese, will be projected onto the walls. The authors of the project claim that foreign tourists when they visit Notre Dame, see only beauty, but do not understand anything. They decided to explain the meaning of the temple to them in words, and in their native dialect. 12 million visitors, who come to the temple with very different motivations, need to understand Christianity (through the eyes of Hollywood) in an accessible way, without slipping into a complex church language.

Urbanist and architect Maurice Culotau commented on these projects: ‘It is as if Disney had entered Notre Dame. What they propose to do with Notre Dame would never have been done with Westminster Abbey or with St. Peter’s in Rome. It looks like a theme park, very childish and trivial given the grandeur of the place.’  

‘This is crazy political correctness. They want to turn Notre Dame into an experimental liturgical showroom, which is nowhere to be found when it should be such a place where the slightest change must be carried out with great care,’ quotes the author of the article as another expert.

The author of the article notes that the plans include a proposal to arrange underground storage of benches that can be lowered using a freight elevator. But to do so, you will have to disassemble part of the floor in the crypt of the 18th century, which was built by the author of the Parisian Pantheon Soufflot. 

The interiors, the chapels, which survived the tragedy relatively well, are going to be remodelled. Sources of the publication express fear that such restoration could use up the money allocated to restore the flying buttresses and the sacristy, which had to be repaired before the fire.

After the fire, on a wave of emotions, 340,000 people raised €833 million for the restoration of the temple. A part has already been spent on securing the building. It is expected to be completed by April 16, 2024, in time for the Olympic Games that Paris will host.

Eduard Philippe, who was prime minister at the time, said the competition would be held to rebuild the temple, possibly with a contemporary design that would bear the imprint of our time. But then the craziest projects began to enter the competition, one of them even suggested installing a swimming pool there. 

Then the archbishop of Paris said that the cathedral would need to be moved to the 21st century, but its identity and Christian traditions should be preserved. As the author of the article writes, judging by the project, the interior in it will not even be about today, but about the future. Source


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