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Brit Keystone Kops pelted with nurses tunics outside 10 Downing Street

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Throughout Britain and the European Union, the once respected police find themselves in the frontlines not against the criminal class but against their working-class from which many themselves sprung.

Mocked as ‘badge niggers’ after cops took to the knee at Black Lives Matter protests, marauding police seem to be taking their disgrace out on ordinary mostly White protestors.


No taking the knee to their own kind, mocked cops are likened to their regimes’ enforcers, the governments’ heavies, the last line of defence protecting a system regarded as debauched, corrupt and even criminal.

Michael Walsh, dissident historian talks of irony: ‘the police of German-occupied Europe (1940-1944) and Ukraine were better respected by both their own peoples and the German occupying forces than they are now. It really is time for reflection.’


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  1. I know always compare America to UK and Western Europe, but we’re all white and the same anti-white demonic forces are attacking White Americans as they to my brothers and sisters in Europe. Even in America the cops/military/FBI use strong armed tactics against regular patriotic Americans while turning a blind eye to nonwhite invaders, black criminals and Antifa anarchists. I believe it was David Lane who said in the final days, even white cops will turn on white nationalists as the battle unfolds. How right he was. More and more, I do not see the cops or military as ‘on our side’ They will disarm us or haul us away for ‘hate speech’ or quarantine us a gunpoint if they are forced to. The cops/soldiers care more about their paychecks, pensions and immediate family than they do “the people”

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    • Sadly so but they will not dodge judgement in this life or the next: I shudder to think their final thoughts in this brief interlude with everlasting life.


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