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Tearful Dad defends his daughter as School Board stays Tight-Lipped

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VIDEO: Virginia school board has a STUNNING response when father tearfully reports daughter’s ‘sexual assault’. ‘We won’t be answering you, but you can certainly keep asking’

At a Prince William County School Board meeting in Virginia on Wednesday, Jeffery Darr told the board that his 13-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted, but that the school only suspended the alleged attacker for one day ‘for improper touching.’

Board members first sat in silence as Darr demanded to know what was being done to protect students.

‘Does anyone have any answers?’ Darr repeated as the board continued to sit in silence. Eventually, Darr was told to send an email and asked to ‘step aside.’

‘I want the public to know, that’s why I’ve come here,’ Darr shot back.

‘We won’t be answering you, but you can certainly keep asking,’ responded Board Chair Babur Lateef.

‘I want to know the school’s definition of sexual assault because my daughter was told … that if it’s above the clothes, it’s not sexual assault. That’s the way the county does the kids here? That’s messed up,’ Darr said, now struggling to fight back tears.

‘That’s my daughter,’ he added, pointing to his daughter in the school board meeting room. ‘And no one wants to do nothing about it. Suspend the boy for one day for improper touching? I don’t think that’s right. … Somebody needs to look into the matter and do something because there are more kids out there that y’all are not doing and letting stuff slide … the only ones it’s hurting is the kids.’ Source

Watch the video clip shared on Twitter below or find the full video here:

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