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Russia’s War on US Corruption including US Paedophilia in Neighbouring Ukraine

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Perhaps not for the first time in history but rarely so transparently is the Biden criminal class already mired in economic domestic gangsterism on a scale that eclipses Chicago at its most damning periods of gangster history. Compared to the Joe Biden mob Dillinger, Capone Inc. were absolute amateurs.

It is worse than we realised but Biden is not alone. Think of a Ukraine being run by Epstein and patronised by the self-chosen elite and you wake up to why the Biden cult will throw everything they can to save their interests in Ukraine. He can do it: even after Covid, there are sufficient survivors of the Covid scam now applauding the 194 out of 198 most corrupt countries in the world ~ Ukraine.

In an article in Raw News by Michael Baxter, TitledPutin Bombs Biden-Owned Villa in Ukraine while Hammering Biolabs and Paedophile Rings, he stated that President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday told President Trump that Russia’s military destroyed a multitude of foreign bioweapon facilities that had been running carte blanche in Ukraine until his military took decisive and strategic action to rid the corrupt nation of what he called satanic influence.

So, while the people were watching the SOTU address, President Trump, from his Mar-a-Lago command centre, spent a 20-minute phone call discussing Putin’s true reasons for mounting an assault on Ukrainian sovereignty. And wait until you hear what took place!

Baxter wrote that Putin updated Trump on his efforts to destroy Western-sponsored biolabs in Ukraine, which he called a ‘blight’ on a once beautiful landscape.

He’s done. Go Brandon say goodbye. Wonder what was in your Villa?

According to Putin, who in seven days has become the world’s vilest villain, supplanting Xi Jinping, the Russian military had obliterated the following:

Eleven U.S. State Department/Department of Defense-funded bioweapon facilities; 4 German toxic chemical research centers; 3 Swiss nanotechnology centers; 1 French bio-tech consortium; and 3 Israeli labs that were feverishly working to weaponize airborne rabies.

Additionally, Putin claimed his forces had carried out precision strikes on mobile (18-wheelers unsafely retrofitted into makeshift labs) biolabs attempting to transport lethal pathogens across the Ukrainian border into Poland. He told Trump that Russian SU-35 planes used laser-guided munitions to eliminate the roving labs.


Biden’s luxurious villa and surrounding sanitised: ‘Putin said his fighter planes destroyed a Biden-owned, 200-acre villa 35km west of Kyiv. He insisted that Biden was deeply enmeshed in Ukraine’s criminal enterprises, and promised Trump that he’d soon give the world ‘all the evidence it needs.’ Furthermore, Putin contended that ‘many people within Biden’s demonic den’ profited massively from the ‘conflagration of evil’ that had rooted itself on Ukrainian soil. Twenty of Biden’s foreign cohorts, Putin said, were killed in the attack.

Concerning all the fake news, Putin told Trump, ‘President Trump, you know what fake news is. This is all fake news. Your media shows the same three pictures of videos over and over again, 24-hours a day, to make false claims I am doing some genocide. 

Your country’s own intelligence sources admit I’ve sent only 75 planes and no UAVs. If I wanted to conquer Ukraine, I’d send 1,000 planes. You know what a real invasion looks like. Go look at video footage of America Shock and Awe in Iraq. That’s an invasion. I could if I want to, but that’s not my objective.’ 

Putin told Trump that while Russian Special Forces were searching for weapons of mass destruction, they found a brick building filled with captive children.

They then made attempts to find, isolate, and wipe out child trafficking covens that had been running with impunity in Ukraine. Special forces found another three locations, each with 25-60 kids inside.

None were American, they were from a lot of different countries. Two of the three, at least Putin said, were guarded by Ukrainians, and his Spetznaz (commandos) killed them and freed the kids. Then they set explosives and detonated the camps. The Ukrainian government and child trafficking cartels were using that spot as a means of communication,’ Baxter’s source said.


‘When asked how much faith Trump has in Putin’s overall honesty, Baxter’s source said: ‘Trump takes nothing for granted, he measures everything carefully. We know at least two American children held hostage in Ukraine are now on their way home. Trump is always evaluating and calculating what’s going on.’ Source

Keep on pressing into the Kingdom of God. Press, press, press!

A saboteur was caught in the East of Ukraine. They ask, Do you know what a saboteur is? It is difficult to know who is asking whom. Whose side.

Read full articlePutin Bombs Biden-Owned Villa in Ukraine while Hammering Biolabs & Pedophile Rings – Real Raw News


Hello. A lot of people are watching this video right now (Feb 2022) because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I’d like to add a couple of comments about this video, which I made in 2015. As the opening line indicates, this video is a brief overview of the history of a geographical region now covered by the modern nation-states of Russia and Ukraine. But the focus of the video is the rise of Russia. As you will see, the Russian Empire included much of Ukraine for a large part of its history. And Russia, like Ukraine, has ancient roots in the state known as Kievan/Kyivan Rus. So there is much overlap between Ukrainian and Russian history. This, in no sense, means that Ukraine ‘belongs’ to Russia, or that Ukrainian and Russian history are the same thing. This video ends in 1917, and the rise of Ukraine as an independent nation state is something that happens after this date. Of course there are flaws in the video, as there must be in any superficial summary, but it has been carefully researched from multiple English language sources, and most facts are verifiable by a quick search. My own credentials are an MA in History, and 20 years experience as a TV documentary producer.


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  1. “Amerikka”, the worlds policeman signified by the Statue of Liberty – Lady Liberty

    The Goddess Mother As A Habitation [ The Two Babylons – A. Hislop] page 444.

    “What could ever have induced mankind to think of calling the great Goddess mother, or mother of of gods and men, a house or habitation? …………..”

    Amarka [ Omorca]

    “From “Am,” “mother,” and “arka” “earth” the first letter aleph is often pronounced as o. Thus the pronunciation ……………
    The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop, p.77

    “……..In Egypt she was styled Athor——i.e., “the Habitation of God”. to signify that in her dwelt all the “fulness of the Godhead.” To point out the great goddess-mother, in a Pantheistic sense, as at once the Infinite and Almighty one, and the Virgin mother, this inscription was engraven upon one of her temples in Egypt: “I am all that has been, or that is, or that shall be. no mortal has removed my veil. The fruit that I have brought forth is the Sun.”

    From “Am,” “mother,” and “arka,” “earth,” you get “Amarka,” “The Mother of the Earth.”, alias Rhea, Cybele etc, The Mother of Gods and Men, alias the Roman Catholic Mary, the “queen of heaven” [Jeremiah 44:17,18,19,25], and most surely these manifestations which all represent Nimrods wife are represented by the “Statue of Liberty” in New York harbour. [ note 1, p.77. The Goddess Mother of Habitation” – “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop.]

    and from the same book page 158 — The Golden Cup —- Revelation 17:4

    “……….Thus then the cup bearing goddess was at once Venus, the goddess of licentiousness, and Nemesis, the stern and unmerciful one to all who rebelled against her authority.

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