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Why not just kill them. New book details methods of CIA Torture

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Contrary to their own propaganda, the military administrations of the Western Powers throughout history proved to be as brutally imaginative and cruel as anything dreamed up by Bolshevik terrorists: The clear message is: ‘Never allow yourself to be taken as a prisoner of the American, the British, or more recently their ultra-nationalists in Ukraine.

Better to blow your own brains out as tens of thousands of military men and their families did… and national leaders too. Saddam Hussain and Libya’s social revolutionary Muammar Ghaddafi might have been better advised to do as the former President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler and others did.

Rather than permit themselves to be taken alive and tried at kangaroo victors courts or paraded whilst stripped naked in crude cages through the capitals of the USSR, Tokyo, London and Washington they spared their nations such humiliation. They opted for honour.

The notorious and deeply sinister Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay centres are far from unique. The prisons can be compared to those in which all of the West’s perceived foes were starved and tortured to death.  

British journalist Cathy Scott-Clark has published a new book, THE FOREVER PRISONER. It reveals shocking details of a scandalous torture program used by US intelligence agencies in the years of the US ‘war on terror,’ Press TV reports.

Specifically, Clark talks about a CIA secret meeting in which high-ranking intelligence officials discussed various controversial methods of treating prisoners. When considering several possible courses of action, one senior official rhetorically asked, ‘Why don’t we just kill them? 

‘Revelations like this make me uneasy,’ Clarke admitted during the presentation of The Eternal Prisoner. The narrative centres on the case of Guantánamo detainee Abu Zubaida, who was subjected to various forms of abuse during interrogation, including water torture 83 times in a single month, hanging naked from the ceiling, and being deprived of sleep for 11 consecutive days.

In 1945, after the war had ended. US General Dwight Eisenhower, ironically a Jew, corralled over 1 million surrendered German troops in open Ruhr Valleys. He then ordered that no food, medicines, or means of protection from the harsh weather conditions be provided under orders of death.

As a consequence, almost 1 million ethnic Germans, not all former combatants and including women captives died. This raises many questions: If, as the victors claimed the Germans had, gassed ‘6 million Jews’ after mass processing and accommodation a process that took years at enormous cost, would it not have been easier and cheaper to kill their captives over a week or so by adopting the Allies far quicker and more efficient methods of mass murder?

Guantanamo Bay has become synonymous with mistreatment and torture. The administration of President George W. Bush chose this sinister US base in Cuba because it was under the complete control of the US military, but did not fall under the jurisdiction of the US judiciary.

Clarke interviewed several senior military and intelligence officials, including James Mitchell, one of the authors of the torture program. Despite persistent denial from Washington, she said, there is a clear link between CIA practices and the gross abuses that took place at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

The Americans took over the complex during the Iraq War and ran it from 2003 to 2006. During this period, physical, psychological and sexual abuse was widely practised against the prisoners of Abu Ghraib, the TV channel explains.

‘Jim [Mitchell] can rightfully say, ‘I didn’t have anything to do with the failure of Abu Ghraib,’ but he must accept responsibility for creating something out of control,’ Clarke said.


At the same time, she expressed confidence that the ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ introduced by the CIA also led to an increase in violence within the US military, Press TV concludes. Source, Source 2


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