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Corrupt UK Ruling Class set to destroy surplus to requirement PPE equipment costing the taxpayers €4 billion

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BRITAIN is set to destroy unwanted PPE equipment losing €4 billion according to a report issued by the Public Accounts Committee issued on June 10. However, critics note that the ruling elite that invested in these unnecessary products profited enormously from their investment in the manufacture and distribution of the PPE equipment. The profits will not be returned to the taxpayer.

There was a mad rush for protective clothing at the start of the media’s whipped-up frenzy against coronavirus. There are allegations that not only were the obligatory purchasing regulations ignored, but senior Government ministers made sure their friends obtained contracts.

This latest report makes the astounding claim that the Department for Health & Social Care (DHSC) lost 75 per cent of the £12 billion it spent on personal protective equipment (PPE) in the first year of the pandemic to inflated prices and kit supposedly to protect against the virus. This included fully £4 billion of PPE that will not be used in the NHS and needs to be disposed of. Of course, contractors will again be engaged – after MPs and their cronies have taken their back-handers.

There is no clear disposal strategy for this excess but the Department says it plans to burn significant volumes of it to generate power – though there are concerns about the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact of this ‘strategy’.

The report goes on to say that as a result of DHSC’s ‘haphazard purchasing strategy’ 24 per cent of the PPE contracts awarded are now in dispute, including contracts for products that were not fit for purpose and one contract for 3.5 billion gloves where there are allegations of modern slavery against the manufacturer.

A curse for England, false and base / Where nothing can prosper but disgrace / Where crushed is each flower’s tender form, / And decay and corruption feed the worm, / The winner’s shout, the loser’s curse / Go with Old England’s black funeral hearse. ~ William Blake. (1757 ~ 1827).


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