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The Bloodsucking Vampires of War

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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has published a list of countries that earned the most from arms supplies between 2015 and 2020, according to Junge Welt. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the top importers by far. The main exporters are the USA, Great Britain and France, the German edition notes.

SIPRI has published a database of 500 arms manufacturers that have earned the most from wars around the world. Between 2015 and 2020, approximately 1,400 deliveries of military equipment were recorded. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were the most important buyers by a margin. The war in Yemen has generally become ‘a real Eldorado for the defence industry’, notes the author of the article Ralf Wurzbacher. Also on the list of major importers are Indonesia, Egypt, India and Iraq.

The main exporters were the United States, Great Britain and France, the publication continues. But Germany is also actively involved in all this. At the same time, in its own reports on war weapons exports, Berlin prefers not to name specific enterprises and types of combat systems. However, the calculations did not take into account the wars that are being waged with a United Nations mandate, so data on Afghanistan, Syria and Mali were not included in the document.

The killing is our business arms conglomerates in which decision-making politicians invest heavily is also hard at work trying to fix its damaged image with the help of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

Ludicrously, according to representatives of the NGO Urgewald, there is now ‘active lobbying’ in Brussels to classify the defence industry as social and environmentally friendly



The 20th Century claimed the lives of 170 million people. The USSR, CHINA, U.S. and UK were confirmed responsible for those martyred in ‘an environmentally friendly way.’ SOURCE R. J. Rummel, Power, Genocide and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research. Source


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