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QUORA Whites complain about mainstream media’s pernicious race-mixing propaganda

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Q: In Britain, non-whites are a small minority. Of these, an even smaller minority have a partner of another race. However, on British TV the vast majority of TV ads that use actual actors, feature mixed-race couples, of all age groups, it’s as if the advertising media is pushing some agenda known only to them. In years past advertisers aimed their ads at their core customers but if your core customers are mixed-race couples, you are truly only aiming at a tiny niche market. It’s so obvious now all viewers are beginning to comment and are asking WHY?


Why do we see so many black and mixed-race people on British TV and not many Asians? Is it racist to make Asians invisible on British TV, compared to Blacks? Of course, it is lol. There are far more Asians in Britain than blacks! But there are no woke points for supporting Asians, only blacks!


Why do I barely see any white people in advertisements anymore?

For the same reason, you don’t see white people at the IRS or any government office. It is fashionable and legal to discriminate against white people.


Why do so many adverts in the UK have mixed-race families?

It’s all down to blackwashing. Notice it’s always a black male with a white woman, never the other way around. This is doing incredible damage to the products they are pushing; people are fed up with this dreadful blackwashing.


Why does almost every commercial have to have an interracial family? The majority of people are not interracial. It’s not premature to have a non-interracial commercial. It’s getting out of hand.

It is social programming. It isn’t showing what is. It is showing what will be or at least what powers that be want it to be and they want people to accept it.


How is it that nearly all the advertising on UK TV features people of colour when they only represent 5% of the population? Who do the advertisers think they are trying to sell products to?

Actually, if you are talking about black people, it’s only three and a half per cent of the population though in London it’s twelve and a half per cent: Asians are seldom shown even though they are five per cent of the population. I think the media want to go out of their way not to be racist but it seems to me that this huge over-representation of black people may fuel racism in itself. Note in particular that ‘couples’ are very commonly represented as a black man with a white woman.


When did black people outnumber white people in TV adverts?

It has been building for a while, but it really took off about two years ago.

To all those white actors and entertainers out there, sorry, you are being discriminated against.


Have you noticed a change in the racial composition of actors on TV and in ads recently?

It started happening about 30 years ago, but now it’s pretty startling. Now, it’s really being pushed down our throats. Same for catalogues too…Over the last 2 years, Lands’ End and J-Crew, and others have really started to push black and mixed-race models. It really is everywhere now.

Q: Why are all the TV commercials showcasing either black people or interracial marriages? This is happening in the USA.

Everyone is missing the truth and do not ever forget this. It is never about right or wrong. There is always a political motive. That is why 99 per cent of our media is liberal. And their sponsors now are flooding the commercials with blacks, gays, and some God knows what they are people in place of white.

If we do not see this quick, we are going to ‘All’ blacks included, gays included, be brought to our knees, homeless and starving. Our food is next they are already killing crops for this green new deal.

What it does is it enables us to see how weak and gullible Europeans are. And that we are letting them do this to us and the last four generations believe it. It has been long coming, and President Trump knew it and that is why they upped the speed at which they are destroying this once free and beautiful country. Wake up, people. Or face the price you laugh at now.


Dunelm is the latest ‘gem’. They have a black couple, a half-caste woman with a black male, a white woman with a black male, an Asian lesbian, deaf lesbian couple, but no white straight couple! Why is that?

Because TV production/advertising companies mainly attract left-leaning liberal types. In addition to virtue-signalling (which actually works as an advertising technique), these people are, in the main, given to wokeism, tokenism, intersectionality and, in the case of the older ones – white guilt.

Consequently, they present a utopia that does not reflect reality. Their aspiration. One where black people are on screen, in many cases, over half the time. One where mixed-ethnicity couples are the norm. One where black people are rarely shown in a negative light. In all of these cases, black people only represent a fraction of that shown in terms of ethnic demographics.

This affirmative action (US)/positive discrimination (UK) causes more racism than it solves. Wakanda, like much of TV and TV advertising, is not real it is fantasy like biblical images of lions lying down with lambs. At whatever level, people recognise it’s not real, distrust it and grow to resent it. They resent the manipulation. Social engineering is just starting to become seen as one of the most pernicious ills of the 21st century. PLEASE SHARE OUR STORIES.



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