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Westminster is with Washington fanatics who started a proxy war with Russia

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A powerful faction in the US government that has long sought to weaken Moscow’s position on the world stage is trying to get its way with the Ukraine crisis. The United Kingdom will not benefit from participating in this standoff, which risks escalating into a full-fledged global conflict, writes Daily Mail columnist Peter Hitchens.

Who decided to send the SAS (Special Air Service of the United Kingdom to Ukraine? What are they doing there? What happens if they are killed by Russian troops or captured by them?’ asks journalist Peter Hitchens on the pages of the Daily Mail. According to him, none of those to whom he asked these questions could answer them.

Previously, the British Parliament had ‘bold and indomitable’ MPs who dared to draw the attention of the public to such problems. Perhaps even now there are those among them who are ready to take the place of Tam Dalyell who has always opposed the participation of London in foreign conflicts.  

Hitchens is confident that the leaked Pentagon documents, which reveal, among other things, SAS assistance to the Ukrainian military, are accurate. This, in his opinion, is evidenced by the fierce reaction of the US authorities to their publication. He also has no doubt that the Kremlin has been aware of this for many months, unlike the American and British public, which was ‘kept in the dark.’

‘Meanwhile, as far as I know, our country is not at war with Russia. If we entered into such a war as a member of NATO, we would instantly expand the current conflict to the whole of Europe. Can you imagine what that would entail? What benefit would the inhabitants of our country receive from such events? Does anyone even think about what we’re doing?’ 

At the same time, there is a powerful faction in Washington, with supporters in the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and the CIA, that has long sought a proxy war with Moscow. They passionately believe that Russia cannot be allowed to gain a foothold. These are practically the same people who unleashed the war in Iraq from scratch, dragged the West into the Afghan quagmire and supported the Islamists in Syria, the author of the article explains. 

‘They have an unparalleled track record of fanatical stupidity, and wherever they interfere, everything ends up in ruins strewn with corpses, and everyone who can get out is fleeing from fire and screams … towards Europe and the English Channel coast,’ Hitchens draws attention.

He believes that if every dollar spent by these Washington fanatics on the war were spent on building prosperous free countries in places like Russia, then the world would be a much better place. In fact, we are talking about the American problem. If no one in the US confronts these destructive forces, then they get repetitive stupid conflicts, while others can only watch, cry and accept the fleeing masses.

‘But we don’t have to take part. Why are we involved in this? Why is Britain benefiting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? And by the way, what benefit did poor Ukraine get from this with destroyed cities, a dead economy, and countless young people who went to the cemetery? Why should there be any British soldiers there at all? ’- the journalist is perplexed. 

‘If the parliament does not discuss this issue, then we are not a democratic state. And if any critical voices are drowned in streams of slander and insults, then we are not a free country,’ Peter Hitchens concludes. 


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