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State Affiliated Western Media declares a war no one wants

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On Friday, Bloomberg news agency published the headline ‘Russia invades Ukraine’ only to remove it half an hour later, lamely claiming that it was a pre-written headline rolled out inadvertently. Wishful thinking?

The Kremlin might use the term ‘Bloomberg news’ instead of ‘fake news’ when it comes to describing false reports in the future due to a Friday hiccup by the news agency, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Saturday.

Peskov underlined that Bloomberg’s false report underscores the danger of aggressive statements. ‘This is a perfect demonstration of how dangerous the situation is when provoked by the endless aggressive statements that come from Washington, from London, and from other European governments,’ the Kremlin spokesman noted.

He said he does not think that the news agency’s false headline was a provocation, but stressed that any spark can be dangerous in a tense situation. ‘And this is probably also a great demonstration of how such messages can lead to irreparable consequences,’ he continued.

Peskov pointed out that tensions are particularly fuelled by how the Western countries state-affiliated media continue to not only hype up the ‘aggressive statements’, but also by beefing up Ukraine with weapons and sending troops near the Russian border.

On Friday, Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said that 85 tonnes of US military aid had already arrived in Ukraine. Among other states providing such aid to Ukraine are Canada, the United Kingdom and some Baltic states.

Despite Russia’s attempts to reduce tensions, Washington claimed on Thursday that Russia was plotting ‘to stage fabricated attacks by Ukrainian military as a pretext for a further invasion of Ukraine’. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed the claims, calling them ‘nonsense’, and Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that US accusations are a part of ‘disinformation war against Russia’.



Crying wolf! ‘Washington has been provoking the whole world for several months with statements that Ukraine is about to become a victim of ‘Russian aggression’. However, there was a mistake, because there was no attack,’ Antonov said.

Richard John Micklethwait CBE (born 11 August 1962) is editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News. He was also a delegate, along with two colleagues, at the 2010 Bilderberg Conference held in Spain.


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