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The stabbed in the back double-crossed Ukrainian armed forces have had enough and Rebellion is Predicted

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that a serious conflict is starting between Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and the Ukrainian armed forces.

Increasing awareness that the depleted armed forces of Ukraine have been abandoned by NATO, cheated by the political oligarchs of the European Union and betrayed by Washington’s Deep State Russophobes, is leading to Ukrainian troops, defecting and surrendering to the far superior and better armed Russian armed forces.

Fighting an uneven battle that they have already lost – and having already surrendered huge swathes of territory, many Ukrainians are privy to the conspiracy to surrender much of Western Ukraine to Poland’s Warsaw regime. The latter is desperate for a one-state solution to what they see as Russian reach and want to form a ‘super-state consisting of what is left of Ukraine and Poland.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko says, ‘Already in Ukraine, according to my information, a serious confrontation and conflict have begun between Zelensky and the Ukrainian military. 

‘The military, like no one else, understands what a conflict with Russia is. Soldiers are dying there. They see what they are capable of and how much they can fight. And they can’t fight anymore. You see, Russia has changed tactics,’ Lukashenka said (quote from BelTA).

According to him, there will soon be no one from the Ukrainian side to fight. The territorial defence forces cannot replace the army, and the military sees this. Lukashenko also recalled  Kiev’s promises to Poland , which caused a negative reaction among the military.

‘They saw that he gave the Poles a status. And this leads to what? Chop off the west [of the country],’ Lukashenka said. Therefore, they begin this confrontation between the president and the military. And I am sure that the Ukrainian military will decapitate their American-sponsored betrayers in Kiev,’ Lukashenka added.


Earlier, the press secretary of the President of Ukraine Serhiy Nikiforov told UNIAN that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry would develop a draft law on the special status of the Poles, similar to the Polish law. The Polish authorities have actually equated the citizens of Ukraine with the citizens of Poland, but without the right to vote, and now they plan to adopt a similar law in Ukraine. Source


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