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Analyst predicts the collapse of Poland for its impudent behaviour toward Russia

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MÍCHEÁL WALSH: Described as a military expert a leading geopolitical analyst firmly believes that Russophobes ruling Poland are about to meet their Waterloo. Yakov Kedmi predicts that hostility towards Russia’s special operation in Ukraine could all end in tears for Poland. In fact, Kedmi is certain of it.

He says that in the context of Ukraine Poland behaves defiantly towards the Russian Federation under the illusion that it is protected by the United States of America. 

According to Kedmi, Poland performs like a mongrel protected by a much more powerful dog and so yaps far beyond its bite. This explains grandstanding statements made by politicians in Warsaw. He then mocks the speech of Polish President Andrzej Duda, about Russia’s lack of desire to ‘fight the best army in the world’ (American), which stands four-square behind the Poles.

It would appear that during his school’s history lessons Andrzej Duda was daydreaming whilst making paper aeroplanes. In 1939, emboldened by promises of support from England and the British Empire, Poland repeatedly provoked and threatened its German neighbour.

As a consequence, Poland was overrun and occupied by the armed forces of the German Reich (September 3, 1939). Two weeks later the USSR overran Eastern Poland.  Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov loftily declared ‘the Polish government has ceased to exist.’

Yakov Kedmi doesn’t take prisoners with his pen either: ‘It’s like you do when accompanied by street gangsters. A gang is walking, and in front is an arrogant comrade who bullies others, knowing that if he is put in his place, a big bandit will stand up for him. 

‘However, in this case, an unpleasant surprise awaits the threadbare Polish hero. If he thinks the United States military is the best, that’s up to him. This might be so by Polish military standards. 

‘If he thinks that the US military will protect the Polish government after any cheeky prank, he is wrong. The fact that Poland is a member of the North Atlantic Alliance is meaningless. I do not think that the United States of America and other states of the Alliance will wage war for Poland. And they definitely won’t wage war for her if Polish troops enter Ukraine,’ added.

Interesting stuff but the mockery and scolding of the vainglorious Poles leave the thoughtful observer pondering about the background and purpose of the Moscow-born citizen of the Russian Federation. It would appear that the description of Kedmi as a ‘military expert’ is economical with the truth.

Yakov Kedmi aka Yasha Kazakov and Yakov Iosifovish Kazakov is much more than the glib description ‘military expert’ suggests. A former Israeli politician and diplomat it is unclear where the true loyalties of Kedmi lie. He also headed the Nativ Liaison Bureau which organised the transfer of Eastern European Jews to Israel.

The analyst was 20 years of age when he initially applied for Aliyah, permission to relocate to Israel. Thinking he may well be a KGB agent his request was declined. The snub offended among others The Washington Post which immediately organised an international hue and cry for the 20-year-old spurned applicant: Henceforth, Kedmi not only became an Israeli resident and citizen but quickly shot to stardom.

Serving in the Israeli Defence Force his close friend and ally was non-other than future Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak under whom he served during the Yom Kippur War. Afterwards, the defender of Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin served as a diplomat for the Israeli Government.

This leaves us with an enigma: in castigating the Warsaw regime’s virulently anti-Russian stance, is Kedmi expressing a personal opinion or is he still an Israeli diplomat? If so, is Israel’s position on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict ambiguous? Then again, Poles who know their history better than most Westerners do and are still bitter as aloes as to how the Poles throughout history treated their Jewish population. 



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