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Find Wally and now find Volodymyr but even 007 can’t find Zelensky

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Most of us are familiar with the international cartoon character ‘Find Wally’: the invitation is to test your wits and eyes to see if you can find Waly in a multitude of cartoon figures. Talking of carton figures, the current version of Wally appears to be Washington’s bitch in Kyiv, President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Having already earned a notorious reputation for faking photo opportunities in unlikely locations the world is left wondering just where Zelensky (Wally) is.

Is he in his nation’s war-torn capital or is he being filmed against appropriate backdrops at any one of his fabulous villas scattered around the world from Israel to Cyprus, the Bahamas to Miami?  Find Zelensky is proving to be an assignment tough enough to challenge James Bond otherwise known as 007.

A mystery ~ well we all love mysteries ~ is Zelensky the movie star parachuted into the power by Washington in Ukraine, Israel or Hollywood in the United States?

A totally fake story by which Western media depicted a pregnant mum allegedly escaping from a maternity hospital bombed by the Russians. Afterwards, the young Ukrainian, who fled to Russia, said it was the Ukrainian army that shelled the hospital ~ but the manipulative mainstream is not interested in the truth.

The secret of Zelensky’s appeals has been revealed – a whole studio is working on recording allegedly his broadcasts with Bankova. Chroma key, scores of state-of-the-art movie cameras, producers, cameras, singers and the main actor…

And what is this, if not an expensive American scenario? First of all, Sean Pen came to Ukraine, then Angelina Jolie flew in … They were tired of making films and decided to switch to real life?  

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  1. Wow! You really can’t believe what you see on almost all media outlets. These people, and I use the term quite loosely, have no shame or morals in participating and/or producing such lies? Rhetorical question, of course.

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  2. Ukraine was not the first country to use an actor as a president. USA elected one back in 1980. (A handy experience, as good actors actually are good at lying. Zelensky is neither …) On the other hand, a number of [Western] countries today have a WEF puppet as the head of the state. Same same, but different …

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